Friday, February 17, 2006

you're listening too (hallway radio edition)..

heya all,

so, those of you "lucky" enough to work on the 6th floor here are in for a special treat. i won the "program the hallway" contest for the month, so as you stand waiting for the elevators you can feast your ears on the dulcet tones of my ipod. here's the playlist. it should go from noon-5:30ish today. wish you could hear it in the bathrooms, but mtv sucks, so you'll have to listen to vh1 soul while you relieve yourselves.

1. aqua teen: dr. weird, "are you ready to rock?"
2. trey anastasio, "money, love, and change"
3. moe., "good trip", 11/26/2004
4. stephen malkmus, "the hook"
5. jimmy page & the black crowes, "what is and what should never be" (live)
6. liz phair, "baby got going"
7. futurama: professor farnsworth, "tell them i hate them"
8. meat puppets, "station"
9. derek & the dominoes, "keep on growing"
10. pavement, "silent kit" (live)
11. the odds, "make you mad"
12. oysterhead, "rubberneck lions"
13. faith no more, "epic"
14. cracker, "can i take my gun to heaven?"
15. they might be giants, "destination moon"
16. billy bragg & wilco, "i guess i planted"
17. primus, "those damn blue collar tweekers"
18. black crowes, "high head blues"
19. blind melon, "galaxie"
20. south park: welcome to hippie jamfest 2005
21. god street wine, "dirty little secret", 3/6/93
22. ominous seapods, "leaving the monopole" (matinee idols)
23. moe., "rebubula", 11/26/04
24. stephen malkmus, "us"
25. aqua teen: ingredients of a broodwich
26. cake, "pretty pink ribbon"
27. they might be giants, "i should be allowed to think"
28. frank zappa, "trouble every day"
29. talking heads, "making flippy floppy" (live)
30. wilco, "casino queen"
31. aqua teen: mooninites: the innocent shall suffer... big time.
32. gomez, "get myself arrested" (live)
33. beastie boys, "root down"
34. the odds, "say you mean it wondergirl"
35. beck, "rental car"
36. cracker, "satisfy you"
37. elvis costello & the attractions, "radio, radio"
38. billy bragg & wilco, "stetson kennedy"
39. blind melon, "tones of home"
40. they might be giants, "minimum wage"
41. futurama: bender, "sounds boring"/ professor farnsworth, "oh my, yes."
42. moe., "meat", 8/31/03
43. ween, "even if you don't" (live)
44. nirvana, "negative creep"
45. black crowes, "cursed diamond"
46. pavement, "frontwards" (live)
47. beastie boys, "gratitude"
48. dinosaur jr., "what else is new?"
49. robot chicken theme
50. cracker, "get off this"
51. beck, "rental car"
52. god street wine, "when she go"
53. the brian setzer orchestra, "route 66"
54. grosse point blank: what are you doing with your life?
55. they might be giants, "no one knows my plan"
56. the commitments, "mr. pitiful"
57. liz phair, "6'1""
58. ween, "roses are free" (live)
59. family guy: 6000 chicken fajitas
60. the secret machines, "the road leads where it's led"
61. trey anastasio, "night speaks to a woman"
62. elvis costello & the attractions, "pump it up"
63. liz phair, "mesmerizing"
64. cartman: pale in comparison... we're talking about a full blown hippie jam fest the likes of which we've never seen.
65. ominous seapods, "oberon and titania" (matinee idols)
66. oysterhead, "oz is ever floating"
67. wilco, "i must be high"
68. red hot chili peppers, "naked in the rain"
69. god street wine, "epiphany", 3/6/96
70. phish, "mike's song" (live)
71. radio dj's intro...
72. soulive, "one in seven"
73. primus, "tommy the cat"
74. stewie: click click bloody pancakes
75. moe., "okayalright", 8/29/03
76. beck, "e-pro"
77. stephen malkmus, "no more shoes"
78. they might be giants, "turn around"
79. they might be giants, "what's that blue thing doing here?"
80. the odds, "at your word"
81. lo faber, "sardines"
82. beastie boys, "funky boss"
83. wilco, "pot kettle black"
84. moe., "summer o' why", 9/4/04
85. pavement, "starlings on the slip stream" (live)