Wednesday, December 13, 2006

10/2/06, the secret machines, irving plaza, nyc

yeah yeah, totally late. i'm catching up slowly but surely. a brief review due to fading memory.

10/2/06, the secret machines, irving plaza, nyc

i'd been looking forward to this show since the tickets went onsale. my old officemate boris got me into the secret machines when he would plug in his ipod and let 'em rip every day. always nice to be introduced to some new music! and i'd heard nothing but great things about their live shows, so i was really psyched for this gig. also, the band was playing "in the round." now, i've seen the masters of "in the round" play "in the round", and their name is def leppard. they could tear that shit up as long as they could disappear underneath the stage to piss, drink, fondle women, and blow lines-- all while rick allen played a 20 minute drum solo.

regardless... sold out show! but not quite! there was a computer error, so instead of the show being sold out, there were about 400 people there, and i couldn't get rid of my extra outside because no one showed up to try and get extras... i tried to convince a few friends to take the ticket, but no one was into it. monday nights are a hard sell. however, there was already a slew of buddies going (a couple had to bail due to illness), so we were in good company!

the stage setup for "in the round" was sort of like a self contained musical pod. the band faced each other (trio)- not the crowd. the speakers were set up in a circle facing the crowd. i can see this being a better fit in a bigger venue, but irving really wasn't ideal. square peg in a round hole so to speak... well, actually, vice versa. but it was a very cool setup that would work well at a place like... i dunno... the lake placid olympic hockey rink during snoe.down maybe? how bout that? that'd be SWEET!

i don't know the names of all of their songs or anything, but the show kicked some major fucking ass. they sounded great, some highlights were: sad and lonely, first wave intact, the road lead's where it's led, nowhere's gone... first wave intact was KILLER- long and drawn out- SOLID... and sad and lonely is one of my faves that they do, it's a HAPPY song. they are really a solid rock band- you don't see that around too often these days. i would recommend them to anyone who's into indie rock and jambands- because they definitely touch on both- in a highly skilled manner. seriously, their sound AND setup would be perfect for snoe.down... if only i were running things!

it's a shame there weren't more people packing the place, but the show rocked anyways. plenty of space to enjoy it all! go see this band, they ROCK! secret machines, irving plaza, 10/2/06: 9 HUZZAHS! definitely gonna see them again!!!