Thursday, April 6, 2006

3/17 & 3/18/06, moe., etc., snoe.down 2006, lake placid & whiteface mountain, ny

okay, i was out of town for a while, so there's a lot to catch up with... however, let's just start with snoe.down 2.

snoe.down 2, lake placid, ny... FUCK YEAH, MOTHERFUCKERS! we got to lake placid around 4ish on friday and checked into the hotel. kat and jack were already wandering around town. went to get our bracelets but they weren't letting us check in yet, so we went across the street to GRILLE 211 and had a couple of cocktails, then we hit dinner... and were joined by the old tp and rob from raisinhead! a nice surprise and lovely dinner guests! i missed a good portion of soulive's set on friday night cuz dinner went late... but what i did see was awesome... and neal was rockin' the afro! he did look like he could use a shower though. hopefully that's not a trend... he's too hot to be dirty like that.

friday night moe. set was awesome. and then i skipped out on raisinhead and crashed... til some rockstar banged on my door til i let him inside. i guess it was cold out there or something. SLEEPYTIME.

woke up and was on the mountain at 9:30am. GODDAAAAAMN whiteface is icy. adirondack snow, baby. holy fucking jesus. hardcooooore. what was it, 5 degrees outside not including the harsh wind? at 3pm we gathered for moe.'s set at the base of the mountain. due to apparel issues, i was the only one from our crew that actually stayed outside and watched the entire set (from in between the trees raised above the trail- perfect view!). the remnants of my hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps froze almost immediately when i put the paper cup on the ground. (yet my insulated camelback held up it's promise!!!) the boys were all bundled up and there was a heat fan blowing on them, but i'm sure it wasn't doing SHIT in the wind. i took some meh pics i haven't uploaded yet... MIKE WREN TOOK PICS THOUGH! don't see them on his site anywhere! wtf, mike??? moe. rocked whiteface, i don't know if it was the snow as sound proofing, but they ruled. and the only reason i could think of why they played bear song again was cuz they fucked it up completely on friday night.

back to the hotel, showered, and a nice gift appeared at my doorstep... mr. teddy marotta! blast from the past! he and teep crashed with me and it was "just like old times"! awww, shucks! moe. played a pretty fun set on saturday night, i tried standing up most of the time despite the pain i was in from skiing and the shows... and killing the pain with ketel one cintroen & cranberry juice helped the numbing... that's good shit! and then afterwards made my way over to zig zag's to see raisinhead. i hadn't seen them in about a year and they get better every time i see them! they really rocked the house! also, teep sang 'good to be alive' and they covered 'drive west', so it was AWE-FUCKING-SOME.

crashed at like 4am... was harassed til i woke up at like 9am and went to the mountain again. fuck. we did like 1 or 2 runs, i can't even remember. it was really painful. the ice was unavoidable, my legs couldn't take it anymore. we had to stop like 5 times and rest on the way down the trail.

in sumnation: snoe.down 2--- FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for next year! but damn, adirondack snow... killer dude. hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps, suckas!