Saturday, September 22, 2007

friday’s contestant on the match game...

friday's contestant on the match game was harlan from nebraska!!!


frickin' adorable.

shout out to verderame jams for the kickass seats and the illuminated keychain!!! WOOT!

Friday, September 7, 2007

shows i never reviewed... dana monteith, moe., al & the transamericans, beastie boys, & MORE!

yeah, so i got a busy gig (vh1's 40 greatest reality tv moments... TUNE IN) and was too busy to write reviews, and now i have to write a moe.down 8 review... but when i got home from moe.down and went to turn on my computer-- well, it didn't turn on... so i'm on a different computer right now while the apple store fixes my imac's power supply for free- which is really fucking cool of them cuz apparently the caps melted by themself or something- but i'm sans personal imac for 5-7 days... so the moe.down pics aren't being uploaded til then... and i realized that yeah... i didn't review shows for like 4 months... so... um... cliff's notes time! these will be sketchy recollections and i will do my best to highlight the highlights!

dana monteith at wicked willy's, 5/2/07... great! the crowd was loving dana! seriously, there was a good turnout of old mutants- but there was an even bigger turnout of just random bar peeps, and every single one of them had their chairs turned around and were rockin' out to dana and rick on the dobro. he didn't disappoint! though, i believe he did break a string within the first 5 seconds of the first song. FUCKIN ROCK N ROLL BABY!!!!

moe. at the highline ballroom, 5/3, 5/4, 5/5... brand new venue!!! highline is an awesome new (well, it was in may, so according to new york city standards it's "old" by now, but to me, still new and exciting) and great venue. great acoustics, chill security, you can pretty much see the stage from anywhere in the venue so it's a fun little setup. AND they serve magic hat (even though i can't drink it anymore). i really enjoyed the 3 nights there (i went 3 out of 4) and they really did welcome moe. with open arms.

all three moe. shows were AWESOME! and i gotta say one of the nights chuck really tore shit up, another night al really tore shit up... i can't remember which nights though. the band was really together and the venue was intimate enough that it really reflected back into the music. the first night fishbone showed up towards the end and did like 3 songs, which was pretty phat and really high energy- very fun. rob took out the stand up bass during one of the shows and wanked for a little too long which was a little much. but i do dig the stand up bass. just gotta know where you're going with it, that's all, and i'm not sure he did. all three nights we stood pretty close up on the al side which was fun, i am typically a chuck-sider, but some venues it's just easier to stand al-side. i likey both! one night a 40 year old fat man was hitting on me. that was really gross. like, really dude, know your limits. way to go on the confidence and all, but still. nuh-uh.

oh, also- sidenote, unbeknownst to me, i was running about a 101 fever by the 2nd night of these shows and apparently had a pretty horrible sinus infection (probably from my plane ride back from seattle the week before). having come directly from a couple of really difficult days at work doing an REO Speedwagon news package on a tight deadline with no footage (always fun!), i was already worn out and blaming stress and allergies for the disease... but since i had no voice- literally- *none*-- i ended up bringing a little pocket notebook and pen so i could communicate with my friends... but it was hard to heckle the band! i tried to on paper, but it didn't have the same effect. sadness! :) still - AWESOME FUCKING SHOWS!!!!

dana monteith at wicked willy's, 6/27/07... TRUCK STOP LOVE BALLADS!!! EFFIN' GREAT!!!! DANA RULEZ 1. rick on the dobro again, the crowd was once again diggin' it. eugene came and filmed which was really cool. good stuff!!! JERKY-> TEARJERKY-> JERKY... i'll bet you didn't think it could be done... but it CAN and it WAS... dana monteith, ladies and gentlemen... dana monteith!

ten feet tall at arlene's grocery, 7/14/07... an indie band from dc that did a northeast summer tour and made a stop through new york city to ROCK THE HIZZY! fuck yah! dude, ten feet tall totally did rock the hizzy! arlene's was rockin' dude, people were dancing and wanted more!!! i'd put up some pics and a video except my computer is at the shop (see first paragraph). they sound like a funkalicious and rocksteady blues traveler jambandy rock band and they do one hell of a rolling fucking rap medley! they were really cool!!! i highly recommend these guys! and their guitar player, one mr. josh "bach" himmelsbach carries the guitar playing eggbeating whisk torch in the tradition of the ominous seapods--- really--- what more can you ask for??? GO SEE TEN FEET TALL!!!

beastie boys at the hammerstein, 8/10/07...
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET! i tried to get tickets to this show twice- the day they went on presale, and the day they went on sale to the public. both were sold out immediately. motherfuckers! then i thought, well, maybe that's not so bad... that's the day my 40 greatest show was set to air and we were in a pretty rough state (can you say "live satellite feed"?). so when i walked into my office the morning of 8/10 after being on my cell phone during my commute with the NOC broadcast coordinator to arrange buying satellite feed time because there was no way we would output and get a messenger out to the broadcast facility in time for quality control and air time, and ran right into mr. "blingy" niebling and he told me his buddy had a few extra tickets, one part of me said "FUCKING TAKE THE TICKETS LYNN YOU DESERVE THEM" and the other said, "YOU DON'T KNOW IF YOUR SHOW IS GOING TO AIR LYNN"... and the show was set to start at 8pm... and our show was set to air at 8pm... so for all intents and purposes, if our show didn't start feeding at the correct time, it wouldn't air before the beasties even hit the stage and by then it would be too late for me to do anything about it... so i IM'd a couple of people in between fielding phone calls and emails so we could get the show to air... and see who would be able to go at such a last minute... and afterwards realized a few more people probably would have been interested and then i felt bad cuz i forgot about them... but the land up was... OUR SHOW AIRED!!! **AND I GOT TO GO SEE THE BEASTIE BOYS!!!!!!!!!!**

suuuuure, the theme was "dress to impress" and i hadn't slept in 3 weeks or showered in 3 days... but whatthefuckever dude. ross fucking ran to 1515 and handed the tapes to the satellite feed peeps like a fucking superhero, we made it to air, and i got to go see the beasties. so HUZZAAAAAH! it was an all instrumental show- which means, they played their instruments, and they fucking rocked dude! mixmaster mike had some sort of family obligation that day, so he couldn't turn it out. i think they had the maestro on the turntables? but the show was insane! music was great! they jammed! the beasties are a fucking jam band when they have those instruments on- but not a fucking spacy one, and don't expect them to do anything other than be the beasties as a jamband, and you won't be disappointed, you know? which is what is great about them, they are and always will be the beastie boys.

the stage setup was really cool, they had some funky overhanging hi-def tv screen thing that looked like a miro mobile (didn't move), but the images were on there constantly moving around like it was a full screen (does that make sense? i don't care, these are a lot of reviews). and either side of the stage there were full screens to match the mobile. on stage they were definitely dressed to impress. i gotta say, i've been spoiled being in the mezz for so long. these were floor seats, and i'm a short girl. i could barely see what was going on onstage below the beastie heads. i saw a lot of jumping, but it was awesome. also, the crowd was an interesting one. a lot of meatheads past their prime, trying to re-live their prime doing the "bending over football player stance getting ready to beat the shit out of you" dance. getting way too drunk. apparently a couple of mosh pits started up, i didn't see this (see: short girl), but blingy did from the mezz. oh, and remember that pic that went around a while back? anatomy of a douchebag? the guy in the pink polo shirt, upturned collar, backwards tilted baseball hat, shorts, etc.? that guy was standing next to us hitting on some asian girl trying to get her to go back to his cousin's apartment for a party. good stuff. also, some drunk asshole bowled me over on the way out of the venue and i've *never* seen gullo so close to beating the shit out of someone- i actually had to separate the two of them after gullo screamed in his face, "YOU FUCKING KNOCKED OVER A LITTLE GIRL". that was fun. so i got to scream at a big drunk guy, "OKAY--- YOU ARE A DRUNK ASSHOLE AND YOU FUCKING KNOCKED ME OVER, GO FUCK YOURSELF-- THERE WILL BE NO FIGHTS--- THIS ENDS HERE... WALK AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. NOW." which actually worked. the guy gave gullo a high five. then he walked into someone else and started a fight. it was fun. then i bought a t shirt. oh, and then there was a dirty bomb scare on 34th street when we left. that was fun too!

BEASTIES--- PLENTY OF HUZZAHS!!!! last time i saw these guys was at msg with degrazio, michelle m., kochman, etc. at the "holy shit i fucking shot that" show--- they rocked my fucking face off (so did something else)--- but this was awesome too!!! can't wait to see them again!!! love these guys!!

al and the transamericans at the lion's den, 8/25/07... this was AWESOME! and a great warmup for moe.down!!! a bunch of covers, a bunch of originals, the place wasn't nearly as packed as i thought it would be! hern kept screaming, "KIRK, I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!!!" which was great! we really had a great time! i dig it! oh, and our waitress was a nutter, which was cool i guess? the lion's den has been re-done since the last time i was there. new paint job, the stage looks different, they put a new curtain up, the bar looks different... the floor is new? that awful orange paint that used to sweat off the walls and stain your clothes when the a/c broke is gone! high-class shit, y'all! CEG did a number on that place. ha! anyways, it was a great time, and i'm sure i'd have more to say about it, except, no... i really don't. it was fun, and i'll leave it at that--- i'll go see them more and more... and i did at moe.down. and you'll read my extensive moe.down review in a week or so when my computer is back. so... until then...