Tuesday, October 28, 2008

getting a bad feeling about this?

seriously though, when exactly did the mccain camp completely give up? this is just a fucking joke now... he must have told his team that he did indeed sell his soul to the devil in that vietnamese POW camp. he has no fears anymore and only 1 thing left to lose (he already lost his dignity). ugh, someone needs to piss on this fire and just put it out!

james carville is somewhere waist-deep in mint juleps and snorting coke off gary busey's dog pissing himself laughing.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1/08, turin, ny

moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1/08, turin, ny

K, so I never wrote a moe.down 9 review but I'm way backed up on posts and the pictures do a pretty great job of representing the entire weekend- and so, some narrative bullet points:
  • great weekend, great campsite, good neighbors (for the most part)

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Surprise!: JLo (all the way from CO)

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Bison Bladders

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • my Favorite Sets:
    Sparrow Quartet ft. Bela Fleck
    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    Yonder Mountain String Band

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    Presidents of the United States of America

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • other highlight acts:

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    Cornmeal (though that fiddle player would not stop during the moe. jam)
    Levon Helm*
    Fishbone (fun but I'm not a huge ska fan, so there ya go)

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Dissappointing:
    Benevento-Russo Duo- they were having one of their "noisy" days.

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • moe.? fuck those guys, they suck**.
  • "security": total assholes this year, we think they were competing for a new multi-year contract so they brought out the "big-guns" so-to-speak. They usually leave the gen-pop alone.
  • Bear Song:

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Weather: moist. It only rained friday but there was a night-humidity that just nailed us. I think I preferred the dust of '07 over the moist of '08.
  • Flag: "Dan, you love al so much, you want to poop in his f-hole."

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Politics: al. made a public announcement when Sarah Palin was chosen as McCain's running mate. He also pleaded with the crowd to visit the head-count table and register to vote. Only like 250 people had registered by sunday night. One would hope that is because they had already registered elsewhere, but al. seemed to sense otherwise- hence the pleading. "please. more people vote for American Idol than for the President of the USA and look where it's gotten us... PLEASE... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. it only takes 2 minutes, you can do it on the way back to your tents... PLEASE REGISTER... and then VOTE. PLEASE VOTE."
  • Rum Cake: Scrumptious but apparently also an ant pheromone... Also, made us miss Kat.

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • M.I.A.: Bach, Jack, Kat (who was at the DNC in Denver trying to pinch Barack's ass), Marty, the DC crew
  • Furthest Traveled Award: Paul & Megan (Vancouver, B.C.)

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Least Traveled Award: Heidi & 4dice

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Nice to Have Back: Jay

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Nice to Meet: Pete, Rudy, & Clarabelle (welcome to the good field)

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Already met but a 1st timer: Stacy
  • 9/9: a few of us

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Camp get.down: over yonder, didn't see enough of them this year!

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • Steve Kenny: did not visit the hospital this year! Way to go, Steve!

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

  • local bake/produce charity beer tent sale: top notch heirloom cherry tomatoes, homemade pickles, fuck yeah.
  • Mayor: we were so close to getting NO ONE elected Mayor and then Tits & Whiskey pulled out ahead, beating even BACON. Hopefully NO ONE will win next year and this will end.
  • Announcements: END THIS! bdays = fine. Someone who's sat through 100 shows worth of announcements should have enough fucking sense to not waste any more time on these fucking announcements. I DON'T CARE.

  • From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    Fun story- so first set of the last night these really really young & massively fucked up kids were standing near us. One turned to me and said, "when they finish the last set, we're going to chant, 'WE WANT moe.down!'." To which I replied, "that chant makes no sense... you're AT moe.down." Then the kid went on to explain that there would be no more moe.downs and that the band was breaking up. I am starting to think I'm the only one who reads the news page. So I had to let him down easy- that not only were the band not breaking up, but they would be playing again in 2009, including moe.down. Yes, really. Yes, I'm sure. Okay, well scream whatever you want, but if you scream THAT, you're gonna look like an asshole.

    Speaking of assholes-

    dear moe.,
    enjoy your break, you absolutely deserve it- and we'll see you next year... in the meantime i'm going to check out some hacks named Ha Ha the Moose & al & the Transamericans... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE
    lynn, sheriff, moe.ville

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    moe.down 9, '08: 9 HUZZAHS!!! Next year must have: Black Crowes, Ween, Wilco, Cake, and a frozen margarita making robot in the vending area.


    *Sounded great from the campsite
    ** sarcasm. I heart moe. and Rob is dreamy.

    From moe.down 9, 8/29-9/1, turin, ny

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    faber/sidotti, 8/16/08, black river music festival, chester, nj

    I owe a number of music reviews, including this one, so it's gonna be short & hopefully sweet.

    Lo Faber is the best.
    From lo faber, 8/16/08, chester, nj

    He played on a sidewalk with Ken Sidotti & John Rango (Echofission). It was totally awesome. Apparently they make mysterious guerrilla appearances in small Jersey bars while Lo is in between study breaks.

    Sidotti is a cool-ass keyboard player!
    From lo faber, 8/16/08, chester, nj

    Get On The Train, baby!

    From lo faber, 8/16/08, chester, nj

    AWEsOMEneSS! 9.5 HUZZAHS! I only deduct -.5 HUZZAH because I was stuck in a line of traffic behind some jackass in an RV going 10mph below the speed limit on my way to the show and I missed the first 5 minutes (what a dick!).


    banksy pt.1

    Back in college I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by famed sculptor Vito Acconci in a barn in Johnson, VT. A lecture required by one of my favorite professors ever, the wonderful Barbara Zucker- and a lecture which I would gladly have attended voluntarily. Vito spoke of the importance of public art and how it exposes itself to an audience which would not have sought it out had it been inside a museum or gallery. Art which by nature is created with a different intent. Art in the street, the subways, the parks- installations such as "the Waterfalls" or Cristo's "the Gates".

    Well, what do we have here (now)? Banksy does New York!

    Turned a corner and ran smack into this the other night around Grand & Wooster. I knew these were lurking around and had yet to catch one.

    I am going to have to go back and hit this in the daytime, I really like the bright green and couldn't see it at night, it's brilliant (below are not my pics):

    Also ran into the one on Canal w/ the window washers (couldn't get to my camera fast enough,

    Would like to find these ones:
    Houston & Macdougal

    Really like this crack one at Howard & B'way. Totally digging the scratched bloody hands.

    He also tagged a couple of phones somewhere...

    And still gotta rock the installation. good stuff.

    An art professor once told me that I had a brilliant future as a graffiti artist. perhaps I'm Banksy.

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    i still hate mondays.

    no idea why, but i thought it was tuesday all day today... it's not. i thought it was tuesday so much that i didn't set my dvr to record south park. this is my brain on music videos...

    on the job training...

    "We don't have time for on-the-job training, my friends." - Sen. & Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain, 10/7/08, 2nd Presidential Debate, Nashville, TN

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Ned McCain?

    Quick thought, post-debate III. More to come.

    Tonight I realized who Sen. John McCain reminds me of. It's Ned, from the Venture Bros, he's one of the Fantastic Four parody. As described by the Venture Bros Wiki, Ned is Sally's retarded cousin, with 3 inches of callused skin so the insults don't hurt!

    Look at Ned:

    And now look at McCain:

    You can barely tell these two apart- here, test yourself:



    Just absolutely impossible to figure this out*.

    * I really can't tell... They definitely both sound like McCain.

    What if? John McCain Had a Heart Attack?

    What if John McCain was elected President of the United States and then he had a heart attack?

    That's pretty much the idea of this post.

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    McCain to Supporters: "Why You Gotta Be So Angry?"

    Back when I was running for Mayor of moe.ville, I learned to take the hardcore devotion of my followers with a grain of salt. On advice from my Attorney, I also had to memorize this statement which got me out of a few sticky (or sticker-y) situations: "I cannot be held responsible for the dedication of my followers."
    Yes, we definitely created a monster.
    (PICTURED BELOW: campaign manager el herno & mayoral candidate- me, circa 2002)

    Currently, Republican Presidential Nominee Sen. John McCain is witnessing the devotion of his very own supporters... And they're kind of scary.

    While I don't believe John McCain created this monster, I do believe his campaign may have fed the monster HGH, Coffee, Crank, PCP, Meth, and tied it to a tree poking it with a sharp stick until it broke free and ran wild on Main Street of Anytown, USA, disemboweling Joe 6-Pack for kicks. That said, I think some of his very worst representatives have finally started to crawl out of the woodwork and even he is disgusted by their actions (or maybe he's finally realizing that these are the only people left?).

    Yes, although he has not admitted it- I kind of think maybe Sen. John Sidney McCain III is partially responsible for the dedication of his followers.

    Like this now famous racist, whom tv cameras shot from the back, hiding her face...

    Or these two creative sign-makers at a McCain rally...

    and this poor girl who is too young to realize what cause her parents sold her out to (and her father who would be at work except that he lost his job a while back)...

    All in all it's a swell group of folks and I anxiously await meeting more of them in the days ahead. They can only enlighten us, no?

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    McCain to Obama: "Hey You, My Soup Is Cold!"

    Where's Sandman Sims when you need him? I'm starting to feel kinda bad for John McCain. Not bad enough to give the pandering old whacko a sympathy vote, but bad enough to make him some farina or something. The other night at the debate he was just teetering around the stage like a tired old man. He doesn't want to be the President anymore, he just wants to put on some flannel pajamas, eat some apple sauce, and fall asleep in his favorite chair.

    There he was onstage at the debate, shuffling around mumbling about "nuclear power" with no full grasp or explanation of the disposal issues of such a venture (he gets his ideas from watching the Jetsons). At around 00:59 he becomes Mr. Burns.

    "Senator Obama says it has to be safe or disposed of or something like that, look, I was on Navy ships that had nuclear power plants..." -Senator & Republican Presidential Nominee John Sidney McCain III

    Stop for a second, go back, read that again. After watching that clip above (if you did) you should be made aware that Nuclear Power Plants have short shelf lives and even aside from the water, wildlife, and local ground pollution they contribute to while they are in service, when a plant is closed the equipment (including reactors and plutonium) must be dismantled, decontaminated, wrapped in a glorified industrial strength garbage bag, buried in a hole in the ground, and then covered over with cement- eventually* the radiation will dissipate- in other words, there are currently only temporary storage methods for it's disposal. Sounds safe to me! Silly Barack, always bumming people out with facts.

    Regardless- just look at this:

    Is that the look of a man who still believes what is coming out of his own mouth? All he is now is the slowly fading last hope of the Conservative Republican Dream. The Dream is Dead, Assholes.

    Gullo pointed out that this is similar to Nixon's double-V,

    it's a good point, cuz you just know if McCain could still lift his arms above his head, he would be doing the same pose.

    One "kind" thing McCain has done in the past day or so, is try and settle down the angry rednecks who the anti-Obama propaganda has been aimed at and riling up.
    "Chants of "terrorist" and "kill him" were reportedly heard at recent McCain Republican events and some commentators blamed hard-hitting negative advertisements which claimed Obama consorted with a domestic "terrorist" -- 1960s radical William Ayers.
    On Friday, McCain was forced to intervene twice at a town hall meeting in Minnesota after one voter described Obama as an Arab and another said he was "scared" of the Democratic nominee."...

    Not only does McCain sound like he's already conceding, but he also sounds like he's ready to vote for Obama himself.

    "On Friday during a town hall-style meeting in Lakeville, Minn., a supporter told McCain that he feared what would happen if Obama were elected. McCain drew boos when he defended his rival as a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States."
    "A woman told McCain that she didn't trust Obama because "he's an Arab." Shaking his head and taking the microphone from her, McCain replied: "No, ma'am. He's a decent, family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about."

    Oh, and Sarah Palin was found guilty of abusing her power as Gov. of Alaska by pressuring officials to fire her former brother-in-law, a State Trooper who had a messy divorce with her sister. This is the woman who said she thinks the Vice President should be granted more Executive Powers.

    It's hard to believe there are still undecided voters out there; at this point they've either gotta be stupid or racist- these people should no longer be allowed to vote.

    *plutonium's half life is 25,000 years, by then McCain (and all of us) should theoretically be dead, so you won't have (John McCain) to kick around anymore!