Saturday, October 25, 2008

banksy pt.1

Back in college I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by famed sculptor Vito Acconci in a barn in Johnson, VT. A lecture required by one of my favorite professors ever, the wonderful Barbara Zucker- and a lecture which I would gladly have attended voluntarily. Vito spoke of the importance of public art and how it exposes itself to an audience which would not have sought it out had it been inside a museum or gallery. Art which by nature is created with a different intent. Art in the street, the subways, the parks- installations such as "the Waterfalls" or Cristo's "the Gates".

Well, what do we have here (now)? Banksy does New York!

Turned a corner and ran smack into this the other night around Grand & Wooster. I knew these were lurking around and had yet to catch one.

I am going to have to go back and hit this in the daytime, I really like the bright green and couldn't see it at night, it's brilliant (below are not my pics):

Also ran into the one on Canal w/ the window washers (couldn't get to my camera fast enough,

Would like to find these ones:
Houston & Macdougal

Really like this crack one at Howard & B'way. Totally digging the scratched bloody hands.

He also tagged a couple of phones somewhere...

And still gotta rock the installation. good stuff.

An art professor once told me that I had a brilliant future as a graffiti artist. perhaps I'm Banksy.

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