Friday, May 19, 2006

i need a window again so i can will the empire state building to be struck by lightning.

well, it's been a while, but shits been crazy, so there ya go. let's catch up, while i kill some time waiting for notes- shall we?

i took a phatty dank vacation to british columbia where i skiied at whistler/blackcomb, and conquered the blackcomb glacier bowl as the fog slowly rolled in. it was one of those cool nature-experiences that will stick with you for the rest of your life. and i was lucky enough to be surrounded with good friends at the time even though i was nervous as hell. but then i kicked some major ass and even impressed the boys!!! hardcore, baby! there ya go! i can't wait to go back. after whistler, we (paul arranged the whole thing) took a ferry to vancouver island and went camping for a few days, did some hiking in a rainforest, took a boat out to some remote island to hike into some hot springs... you know, your typical vacation filled with orcas, bald eagles, seals, sea lions, cormerants, grey whales. no big whoop. ??? holy shit. GOOD TIMES! it left me thirsting for more outside time. i still consider relocating out there. it's a sickness.

here are some of my pics:
and paul's pics

have been suffering through the "back at work" slump for longer than i typically experience it (usually 2 weeks, now going on about 8 or 9) and that's kinda lame. but this weekend i am actually allotting time for creative outlet in the form of a kickass pitch that is going to make me rich and famous and make my friend lots of money too, which is gonna be awesome. totally fucking awesome.

i think i need to start sculpting again. i can corner the market on corrugated cardboard and glue gun work. feel free to hire me for your sculpting needs, i might be unemployed soon.

-ps- did my boy bubba crosby really strain his hamstring? nooo!!!! my bubba!!!!!