Tuesday, November 27, 2007

trent lott: lobbyist, gay, or gay lobbyist?

Senator Republican Whip Trent Lott is resigning. It's pretty sudden. It's pretty interesting. Here are some reasons why.


There's a new Lobbying Limits & Ethics Reform Bill about start up 1/1/08. Here's the gist: if Trent Lott leaves office by the end of 2007 (which he has just announced he is going to do), he can go into the private sector and only has to wait a year until he can start lobbying his former colleagues in congress. If he waited until the start of 2008 to resign, when the new law takes place, he would have to wait 2 years until he could start lobbying his former colleagues. Additionally, the new law will require any Senator planning on leaving office must disclose within 3 days negotiations for future employment before their successor is elected- and they CANNOT seek employment as a registered lobbyist while still employed by the Senate.

Basically. If Trent Lott leaves before the end of 2007 when the new law takes effect, he has more bargaining power to obtain a job as a lobbyist- and he'll be a more effective one since he can play grab ass with all his buddies in 1 year vs. 2. Could this be about earning more money in the private sector vs. his duties as an elected public servant who has 5 years left on his 6 year term? Not that I'll miss the douchebag, but it just goes to show the possible motives… On Brian Lehrer this morning someone mentioned also "screws" (to quote a t shirt I recently saw: you say "tomato" I say "fuck you") Mississippi as well who are now going to have to scramble for a new Senator in the interim. Look at your Senator now, people! Good stuff.

Trent Lott voted against the Lobby Ethics Reform Bill that is placing all these new restrictions on politicians lucrative behavior that some say he is trying to avoid. Really?

15 minutes on the Brian Lehrer show if you're interested…

However, in a press conference today, Lott denied that the upcoming change in rules had anything to do with his resignation... so maybe he is:


Perez Hilton reported on his blog the other day that the reason Trent Lott was resigning so suddenly was because news was about to break of his secret tryst with a muscley armed boy toy (he WAS a cheerleader, you know…).
and that Larry Flynt and Hustler had offered up money to dig some dirt up on Lott back in June… Regardless… Great artist's rendition of cum on the mouth.


Okay, well I've learned in life that things that seem too good to be true usually are… but still… Trent Lott as a gay lobbyist. In the words of Phil Ken Sebben, "HA HA, DANGLY PARTS!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

maybe the j-bomb doesn’t brake for the rockies & other topics of note including bacon party!

wow. 13-1? really? okay. so yeah, originally i was totally behind the rockies on this one... until i read this: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20060619/zirin

i'm the first one to admit that as a yanks fan i'm usually the last to stand behind the bosox... but after reading the above article, i had to reconsider my opinion. people can believe in whatever they want to believe in, to each their own. but when you're basically coming out and saying that your baseball team has the support of the j-bomb himself, and "players of character" are those you are looking to sign, that is kind of bizarro to me (a heathen). the air is thinner a mile up, but i guess it's slightly closer to heaven. i thought you got into the world series cuz you played kickass baseball, but maybe it was just meant to be? i wonder where kaz matsui fits into all of this?

regardless. the rockies dropped game 1 against beckett 13-1 last night. KABLAMMO! maybe the j-bomb doesn't swing your bats after all? or maybe satan just supports the red sox? and well, chuck is satan... so can they be that bad? or maybe 'rado shouldn't have gotten 8 days off in between series starts? methinks it could have been too much time for contemplation.

btw, john smoltz is a cocksucker, huh?

next of note:

i had the pleasure of interviewing regina spektor last week which was pretty cool by itself. however, after wrapping, we did what all russian jews do. we talked about mucus & sinuses, and i wrote her a rx for a nasal wash and gargle called alkalol cuz she couldn't seem to get over a cough/sinus problem that was the remnants of bronchitis, and she was especially nervous because the next night she had a sold out show at the hammerstein. she was incredibly excited to break out her neti pot and try out my "magic potion" immediately because nothing else seemed to work. it's comforting to know that no matter how much fame and fortune separates them, russians jews can keep it realz with their peeps.


bacon party update... i have a spectacular plan of attack for the cookies: bacon infused peanut butter cookies with chocolate ganache stripes. hear me out. my regular peanut butter cookie dough, but i'll substitute some of the regular butter with bacon fat in order to infuse the flavor... then cook the bacon and chop it up, use that as "bacon chips" (instead of chocolate chips). make the cookies... and then do a chocolate ganache to drizzle on once the cookies cool. the other option is to not infuse the butter and to just leave it to the "bacon chips" to do the flavoring into the peanut butter dough... everything else is the same! sound awesome? you know it does!

i have gathered some advice on prepping the bacon (since i never make it, this is an obstacle for me). alton brown says to do it in the oven on a cookie rack with a tray underneath to catch the fat. he swears by it. and the man is a genius...

Baumy says: Start by laying down 3 to 4 paper towels on the counter, or in the microwave. Cover the paper towel with the bacon. (FYI- Bacon should NOT be overlapping) Cover the layer of bacon with another paper towel on top. This makes it a LITTLE less messy. And then the secret for nuking bacon is, add the total number of strips, and add one minute. So you'd cook 9 strips for 10 minutes. 10 for 11.

Have a nest of new paper towels ready, and when your shit beeps, take the bacon off the fat soaked paper towels, and onto the fresh dogs... Essentially, you want to dry them. They'll be fat free, crispy and delicious.

and jim gaffigan says...

oh yeah... and turkey is invading iraq.

stay tuned for a bruce springsteen @ msg review!