Saturday, October 25, 2008

faber/sidotti, 8/16/08, black river music festival, chester, nj

I owe a number of music reviews, including this one, so it's gonna be short & hopefully sweet.

Lo Faber is the best.
From lo faber, 8/16/08, chester, nj

He played on a sidewalk with Ken Sidotti & John Rango (Echofission). It was totally awesome. Apparently they make mysterious guerrilla appearances in small Jersey bars while Lo is in between study breaks.

Sidotti is a cool-ass keyboard player!
From lo faber, 8/16/08, chester, nj

Get On The Train, baby!

From lo faber, 8/16/08, chester, nj

AWEsOMEneSS! 9.5 HUZZAHS! I only deduct -.5 HUZZAH because I was stuck in a line of traffic behind some jackass in an RV going 10mph below the speed limit on my way to the show and I missed the first 5 minutes (what a dick!).


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