Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain to Supporters: "Why You Gotta Be So Angry?"

Back when I was running for Mayor of moe.ville, I learned to take the hardcore devotion of my followers with a grain of salt. On advice from my Attorney, I also had to memorize this statement which got me out of a few sticky (or sticker-y) situations: "I cannot be held responsible for the dedication of my followers."
Yes, we definitely created a monster.
(PICTURED BELOW: campaign manager el herno & mayoral candidate- me, circa 2002)

Currently, Republican Presidential Nominee Sen. John McCain is witnessing the devotion of his very own supporters... And they're kind of scary.

While I don't believe John McCain created this monster, I do believe his campaign may have fed the monster HGH, Coffee, Crank, PCP, Meth, and tied it to a tree poking it with a sharp stick until it broke free and ran wild on Main Street of Anytown, USA, disemboweling Joe 6-Pack for kicks. That said, I think some of his very worst representatives have finally started to crawl out of the woodwork and even he is disgusted by their actions (or maybe he's finally realizing that these are the only people left?).

Yes, although he has not admitted it- I kind of think maybe Sen. John Sidney McCain III is partially responsible for the dedication of his followers.

Like this now famous racist, whom tv cameras shot from the back, hiding her face...

Or these two creative sign-makers at a McCain rally...

and this poor girl who is too young to realize what cause her parents sold her out to (and her father who would be at work except that he lost his job a while back)...

All in all it's a swell group of folks and I anxiously await meeting more of them in the days ahead. They can only enlighten us, no?

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