Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Executives Sink To New Low

Hey, guess what? AIG execs went on a $440k spa retreat after they were bailed out by the taxpayers! And guess who's room # they put on all the room service bills-- YOURS!
"Whoooo, that was a close call, I'll tell you what... Pass the unicorn blood."

To quote my good friend (no, not one of McCain's many good "friends"*), John Hannon, "that's basically sickening..." and "I think we need a guillotine in Times Square". True, true.

Were these egomaniacs deluded enough to think they could get away with this??? Or did they know they were going to get caught? Did they want to get caught and were they trying to go down in a blaze of glory? With... a spa retreat? That's not very "blaze of glory". No, if you're gonna do it, be serious about it. The headline I want to read is, "AIG Executives Drop Acid, Get Naked, Throw Rager On Roof Of Stock Exchange In Blizzard Until Rabid Dogs And Monkey Attack"... Spa retreats are for pussies and cowards.

*did anyone else get the insurance salesman/Tom Cruise vibe coming from McCain at tonight's Town Hall debate? or was that just me?

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