Monday, October 15, 2007

my bacon party challenge

i was trying to be productive (i had already wasted enough time writing a timmy tucker blog) when i got an IM... hern's having a bacon party. the original inspiration for this shindig came from an article gullo passed on the other night...

just go to hern's page for some pics of him and meat... him grilling up hot dogs wrapped in bacon... dripping maple syrup on said hot dogs wrapped in bacon... and so on and so forth... so... as i was saying... i was *trying* to write a script when a window popped up on my screen... (all IM names have been changed to protect the privacy of the participants). well, just read...

Hern: lynn, i have a challenge for you for the bacon party
me: uh oh.
Hern: peanut butter/chocolate and bacon cookies
me: oh god.
Hern: if anyone can figure out how to make that awesome it's got to be you
Hern: for serious.
me: i feel like an iron chef.
Hern: HA HA HA
Hern: this is your challenge!
me: the secret ingredient... is BACON.
me: and peanut butter and chocolate.
me: i am humbled at your confidence...
Hern: i have the utmost confidence
me: i don't know if i should accept this challenge?
Hern: i think you should
me: i may have to.
Hern: pukebutt would have wanted it that way
me: hahahaha
me: don't mess with pukebutt
Hern: that's right
me: you know what?
me: i think i can pull it off.
Hern: ha ha ha ha
me: i mean, bacon and chocolate... may not be so good.
me: but bacon and peanut butter... we know that's good.
Hern: dude, it's going to be awesome
me: hahahahhaa
me: the other night on 'the next iron chef' some guy made bacon ice cream
me: and put it on peanut butter waffles or something
me: and i was thinking, 'hey... not bad... not bad...'
Hern: yeah, that sounds awesome
me: you pair that up with a couple of eggs
me: how do you go wrong?
me: cookies, eh...
me: hm...
me: how long do i have to figure this out? more than one hour, right??
Hern: ha ha ha
Hern: yeah
Hern: you've got time

so, stay tuned folks... this could be a complete disaster... or THE BEST BATCH OF COOKIES I HAVE EVER MADE!!!!! damn... they'd have to be pretty damn good to say that... i have the distinct feeling my kitchen is going to smell kinda narrrrsty. hmm...

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