Monday, August 31, 2009

How To: Spot Crazy People, pt. 1

Occasionally I think it's gotten tougher and tougher over the years to spot racist, anti-semitic, #ssholes and c#nts- mostly because they don't wear their white hoods out in public anymore (at least most of the ones in NY don't) so they blend in better with the gen-pop.

However, today on my way to the doc, I was able to spot and identify at least TWO racist, anti-semitic, crazy people, in of all places, suburban New York! A rare spotting indeed! Just my luck, one was an #sshole and the other a total c#nt. The signs, the pamphlets, the acid washed pants- all signs point to YES. And me with my camera on hand! I was so ecstatic of my find, that I just had to pull over and take pictures!

Monochromatic madness! The Klan would be proud!

Female specimen (aka the C#nt): You'll notice the wide-brimmed hat, as to block her face and shield her from the public humiliation she would surely receive if educated members of society were to identify her & her cause- the disturbing LaRouche PAC, who's campaigns not only include awareness of "Obama's Nazi Health Plan" but also the accurately titled campaign against "Green Fascism". Please note, her 1 colored ensemble- all pink (oh, the irony).

Male Specimen (aka the #sshole): Uses baseball cap to hide his face, also wears 1 color ensemble (acid washed blue), and bright white New Balances- to run away from the truth more quickly.

Both spreading their poison drivel like herpes in a fire house... with an oaktag picture of the President of the United States w/ a Hitler mustache. Clever.

Yes, much like the scientists who recently spotted the legendary Ivory-Billed Woodpecker of the Everglades, I felt my discovery of the racist, anti-semitic, brainwashed, psychotics of West Nyack, NY had to be recorded & reported on the interwebs-- for the good of the country, for the good of society, and for the future of this Earth. Only a deep-rooted ignorance and fear could result in such pathetic lies. If their only alternative to affordable health care is to blast themselves into outer space*, I would like to bathe them in the strongest of encouragement.

* Or is that sign about ascension? Their garbled messages confuse me.

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