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Yonder Mountain String Band, 10/17/09, Nokia Theater, NYC

Yonder Mountain String Band, 10/17/09, the Nokia Theater, NYC

3/4 of YMSB tuning

We began our evening at the Irish Rogue, where I met up with el Herno, c4d, and Heidi who had all gotten a head start on the drinking. Despite the tickets warning us that the show (Danny Barnes, Railroad Earth, & Yonder Mountain String Band) would start at 7:30 or something ludicrous like that ("there's no fucking way that show starts before 8pm, that's ridiculous." -me), we stayed at the bar and watched the beginning of ALCS Game 2: Yanks vs. Angels. At no time in particular we walked the long block to the Nokia-- where not only had the show already started- but Railroad Earth was onstage (and we had missed all of Danny Barnes)... WHUT-EVA, Mr. Early Start. We were left with no choice but to enjoy the remainder of Railroad earth- they were pretty fun.

Yonder hit the stage and rocked right from the beginning. Raleigh & Spencer is a great way to start off a show. Lots of highlights, New Horizons -> Holding -> New Horizons. Traffic Jam -> Little Rabbit -> Traffic Jam was stellar. Danny Barnes joined them for a few songs and they had a blast together. Peace of Mind makes me close my eyes and smile. For the encore Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth came out and jammed- also a great cameo.

Speaking of cameos- standing next to us for the first set was none other than OLD GUY FROM WETLANDS!!!!** He had his giant backpack with him and was such a pro about it all! Someone tried to walk past him and no joke- he barks at the dude, "man, there's a big fucking bag
right there and if you step over it it's gonna bite you in the fucking
ass!" HAHAHAHA!!!! Omg, it was just about time for an Old Guy From Wetlands sighting. He's like Sasquatch of the NYC Jamband scene. During the 2nd set he started getting really into it and jumping up and down. That's how you can tell when a show is really rockin'-- if Old Guy From Wetlands is jumping in place--- and Yonder were ripping shit up!

Jeff Austin is such a fun musician to watch, submitting himself over to every single performance. I never get tired of watching him. Dave Johnston also rules all the way over Yonder on the left (and yes, Ben & Adam are awesome too). Yonder Mountain String Band are just so solid and deliver a live music punch-to-the-gut. 4 guys in a string band that create such an energetic & massive sound, who keep getting better and better. They (and their setlists) always make it worthwhile to catch them, so go freakin' catch them.

We had been getting text updates on the Yanks game throughout the night and when the Yonder ended, we headed back to the Irish Rogue to catch the end. The entire bar was watching and the atmosphere was tense, but when the Yanks finally won the place erupted in HOORAAAAHS! Melky got the walk-off RBI and Hairston got a pie in the face. It was a pretty special NYC moment and NYC night.

Yonder on fire, Yanks win ALCS Game 2 vs. the Angels, good times with great friends! YMSB, 10/17/09, Nokia Theater, NYC: 9 HUZZAHS!

Set 1:
Raleigh & Spencer
40 Miles from Denver
Pride Of Alabama
Sometimes I've Won
Wind's On Fire
Another Day
Elzic's Farewell >
New Horizons >
Holding >
New Horizons

Set 2:
Traffic Jam >
Little Rabbit >
Traffic Jam
Pike County Breakdown *
Going Where They Do Not Know My Name *
Finally Saw The Light
Country Boy Rock & Roll
Natchez Whistle >
Peace Of Mind
E: Harder They Come ^
Shady Grove ^

* with Danny Barnes on banjo & vocals
^ with Tim Carbone on fiddle
Danny Barnes and Railroad Earth opened.



** aka, Wavy Gravy's Dad

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