Monday, April 5, 2010

bowlive, 3/9/10, brooklyn bowl, nyc

bowlive, 3/9/10, brooklyn bowl, nyc

Super-crunched for blogging-time and well-behind schedule... Thusly, I once again turn to haiku!
soulive in brooklyn,
on night 6, guests included:
charlie & kofi.

playing beatles songs,
their new album, they rocked it.
rubber soulive, son.

the horn section too,
tied it all in a big bow.
laying down the groove.

sound glitches be damned!
neal evans is smokin' hot.
approx. 8* HUZZAAAHS!

Also, I bought a hoodie.

DL THE SHOW (taped by Pat Kelly-- thanks, Pat!):

* because 8 is one syllable.

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