Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell / George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners, 12/3/10, Sullivan Hall, NYC

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell / George Porter & Runnin' Pardners,
12/3/10, Sullivan Hall, NYC

You know what's cool? Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell from God Street Wine have been playing occasional acoustic shows around the NYC area. Like, once a month, every month, for the past 3 months^... That's what's pretty fucking cool. In fact, it's time to Officially Label these gigs as: God Street Wine Side-Projects. That is: something that members of GSW do in-between GSW shows.

Clearly, while George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners were headlining this show, plenty of people were there for Lo & Aaron too, cuz the place filled in and got pretty crowded for their 90 minute set. Amelia the waitress was in the house and Sullivan Hall was ready for action!

A blazerless (woot!) Lo & Aaron soon appeared. They opened with Found A New Baby and it left people glowing. Then a total surprise-- Beautiful Lies!!!! Sweet baby Jebus on a stick! I LOVE THIS SONG. It's a gorgeous Bevo song that appeared on GSW's never released last album- many Winos have never even heard this tune once! I will be incredibly jealous if/when GSW break this one out on Jam Cruise as a full band. After 10+ years, can this still be considered a new song? Yes. NEW GOD STREET WINE SONG!!

The whole set was great-- they positively killed! Highlights: Ballroom. Which is when I turned to Gabe and said, "ha ha BALLroom!" A great/warmy Electrocute. The lovely Dos Heteros arrangement of Funny Kinda Love, awesome. A really sweet Strange As It Seems. A nice Borderline sing-along. Bouncy Drive West and rockin' RU 4 Real? The american folk standard, Oh Shenandoah, which is Irish Sea Shanty-esque. And a super-groovy Molly to close out the set.

It was a great sounding set, complimented by the spot-on lights-work of Jeff Volckhausen (on loan from Mexicali in Teaneck). The last few times I was at Sullivan Hall, it was waaay too dark onstage. So, thanks for the lights, Jeff! Huge difference!! How else are we gonna see those handsome unblazered shirts?

George Porter of the (Funky) Meters had the privilege of headlining this show with his Runnin' Pardners. It was very cool to see a legend up close and rocking out. I'm not the hugest funk fan, but they were fun & solid, George was awesome. The Sax player played a sax, but also had an electric-sax thing called an EWI that had a real Max Rebo Band kinda feel to it. I'm not necessarily seeing the perks of playing an EWI over an actual sax, but I suppose the keytar was popular in the 80's for a reason.

Warren Haynes was rumored to be stopping by for a sit-in later on, but with a long moe.schief night ahead of me, I snuck out during setbreak. Shhh, don't tell Warren. He gets oh so upset when I bail. Fortunately, ustream was recording, so we can all watch him sitting-in together, right now!

Man, did that jam, or what?

Lo & Aaron (Lo-Ron?) are getting really good. Not that they were ever bad, but they are getting really really good. Each show is sounding sweeter and sweeter. Can't wait for Mexicali on 1/29/11!

Next Step: Jon Bevo. We simply place a trail of Reese's Pieces and thimble-shots of Jim Beam leading up to a Hammond conveniently placed stage right. “Oh, hey Bevo- how'd you get there?” Voila- a trio! Once Bevo sits-in, Dan Pifer will surely swap-out his Highlander sword for a bass (at least for a pre-determined night, barring any unforseen battles, of course). Then, we install a 3-D Tomo Hologram-- live, streaming, direct from Europe, available both onstage and at the bar, possibly wearing pajamas (because he could). IT'S ALL SO SIMPLE!

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell / George Porter & Runnin' Pardners, 12/3/10, Sullivan Hall, NYC: 8.8 HUZZAHS! Minor deductions to George Porter's set for whomever it was repeatedly shitting their pants in the vicinity of the chuck.side stage.

Found A New Baby
Beautiful Lies
Thirsty ->
Funny Kinda Love
Over The Rainbow
Strange As It Seems
Sneakin' Around
Drive West
RU 4 Real?
Oh Shenandoah

** Budke "taped" with some fancy robot machine. The link to download the show will be here once it's up on archive! Thanks, Budke! **


^ And besides the GSW Jam Cruise gig in January, they are also playing Mexicali on Saturday, 1/29/11! That will make it, once a month for 4 months! (when will Dos Heteros t-shirts be available?)

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