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Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell / Jason Crosby & Friends, 1/19/11, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell / Jason Crosby & Friends,
1/19/11, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC

I hate boats. Seriously. Can't stomach 'em. Tough times. So, it was a crushing blow when God Street Wine played a couple of shows in the only place I didn't want to see a GSW show: Jam Cruise. Sad trombone. Instead, I was looking forward to Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell at Brooklyn Bowl on 1/19 for my fix-- and fuck yeah!

Dinner was fabulous^ and star-studded!

Dos Heteros Unblazered soon hit the stage. Found A New Baby was fantastic, as was an energetic Get On The Train. When they played Tide, it kind of blew me away exactly how clear and wonderful Aaron's voice is sounding. Wowza! He's in the freakin' zone, y'all.

Headliner/Musical Genius Extraordinaire, Jason Crosby, was invited up and immediately thanked GSW for inspiring his career in Rock. Then he and his violin accompanied Lo & Aaron on a gorgeous Epilog & a totally rollicking All Of Me (thank you), which fyi- was fucking AWESOME.

The week before the show, Lo had gone on Bring Back GSW and asked if anyone had requests for Brooklyn Bowl^^. Weiss Gabe went right for it-- Steely Dan's, Brooklyn. When they actually pulled it out-- it was to the total shock and delight of everyone in the room (a decent sized crowd for a Wednesday night). Wall-to-wall smiles! Boston Rag was a nice little dramatic SD to pair it up with.

"Here's one I didn't know I would be doing when I woke up this morning."
- Aaron Maxwell

This is what Aaron is looking at in the above pic... Cheat Sheets!

Diana was very pretty. Then Kenny Brooks was guest sax on a sweet American Girl, which was teased in an exclusive backstage performance a few months ago AND WAS ALSO FUCKING AWESOME. Brooks also sat in on Book of Rules which they did on Jam Cruise w/ his "former boss", Bob Weir. A bouncy and delightful Thirsty closed out the set.

Soon Jason Crosby & Friends took the stage. Jason's career as a musical genius began at the tender age of 2 when he first picked up a violin (he took up piano at 4). He's been a professional since the age of 16. Since then, he's played with everyone under the sun, including: Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Susan Tedeschi, the Blind Boys of Alabama, Oteil & The Peacemakers, Carlos Santana, Bruce Springsteen, and The Lo frickin' Faber Band.

So it should come as no surprise that Jason Crosby has very talented Friends. Friends who play an eclectic mix of Jazz/Rock/Funk+ with beautifully composed instrumentals that occasionally contain darkly twisting lyrics. Friends who like to switch out and play different instruments and as such, are difficult to keep track of.

Some material was from Jason's 2000 debut solo album, "Out of The Box" which I remember hearing back in the Wetlands days-- and still enjoyed. Jason Crosy & Friends this night, included Lo & Aaron for two God Street Wine songs: a loud Hellfire and a totally rockin' Gretchen. Reid Gennauer from Strangefolk/Assembly of Dust also did a few songs with them that sounded beautiful, but I have no idea what the names were. Sorrrrrry.

Yes, it was quite a spectacular night! I still haven't managed to actually bowl at Brooklyn Bowl, but some day... If I Can Dream.

A psychedelic monkey from the 70's was dancing above the NYC skyline.

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell / Jason Crosby & Friends... Does 9 HUZZAHS lose it's meaning if it's constantly handed out? But it's Lo & Aaron^^^!!! 9 HUZZAHS!!!

In fact the only time my night got shitty was when I hit a giant pothole at the Triboro Toll Plaza going to the Deegan at 1am that destroyed my front driver's side tire. Thank you to my hero, the MTA Maintenance Dude who swapped out the bum wheel for my donut. That was swell. They aren't allowed to accept tips, so I gave him a strawberry lollipop. No, an actual strawberry lollipop! Yummy Earths rule, flat tires blow!!!

Found A New Baby
All Of Me#
Boston Rag
American Girl %
Book of Rules %

# w/ Jason Crosby
% w/ Kenny Brooks



^ The burger:tomato ratio is completely off. How about 2 tomatoes for a sister in the off-season?
^^ Mine was All Of Me (see aforementioned thanks).
^^^ Can't wait til next weekend!!!

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great review....awesome pix! i think gabe actually had the request for brooklyn...i was just agreeing with him. :-)