Monday, August 15, 2011

Bustle In Your Hedgerow, 8/12/11, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC

Bustle In Your Hedgerow, 8/12/11, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC

The buzz about All-Star Led Zeppelin tribute band, Bustle In Your Hedgerow, has been about as loud as my tinnitus (loud) for years now. Last Friday, I finally got to see them at Brooklyn Bowl, for the 2nd night of a 2-night stand. On Thursday, they opened up for one of ?uestlove's Bowl Train spin sessions and of course the man sat in for a few songs. The interwebs were immediately splattered with rave reviews and footage of this madness. Well, you know what? FRIDAY WAS AWESOME TOO!

What's not to love about 4 musicians who attack, conquer, and deliver the legendary music of Led Zeppelin? Joe Russo (drums), Marco Benevento (keys), Dave Dreiwitz (bass), & Scott Metzger (guitar), absolutely lashed the crowd with their (mostly) instrumental arrangements of some of the sickest Rock songs ever written. I've never been a huge fan of cover bands, but Bustle's angle takes the tribute to a higher level. Marco's keys & effects mimicking Robert Plant's wailing vocals are an amazing interpretation of the sound. Metzger shreds the fuck out of Jimmy Page's licks. On this night, he did an epic, over-the-top, 5 minute guitar solo during Heartbreaker, which he might have dreamed up and practiced as a 15 year old in his bedroom. It had me laughing at times. Lots of bending and raking and high fretwork and a Stairway To Heaven tease to get the crowd RAGING. Ya know, totes sick! Led Zeppelin tribute band, motherfuckers! Russo's driving drums lead the way. It doesn't seem to matter what band he's playing with (The Duo, Furthur, American Babies, God Street Wine, etc.), his instincts & playing are always beyond brilliant. Dreiwitz is the magical krazy glue that keeps all that otherwise krazy shit together and focused.

Scott Metzger's epic Heartbreaker guitar solo (video courtesy of sssleestak)

I didn't keep a setlist, but I don't need a damn setlist to tell you that a huge highlight was getting to hear live, a ripping version of my favorite Zeppelin tune, When the Levee Breaks! Dark and stormy and pounding and LOUD and it all sounded perfect.

The room was packed, the energy was intense Rock bliss. It got hot in there real fast and I'm sure the frozen strawberry margaritas also had something to do with it, but Marco Benevento was at least partially responsible for dehydrating me. Hoooey! *fans self*

As always, our fabulous Blue Ribbon dinner was DELICIOUS! I went with my standard: chicken burger w/ cheddar & bacon (it's hard to try other things when this is so damn good!!). The boys went for the fried chicken. One of them may or may not have ordered a girly drink (with extra pink), but if he did, he's totally comfortable with it, which is why no evidence exists.

Brooklyn Bowl is currently closed for a couple of days (re-opening wednesday, 8/17/11) for "renovations and improvements". If we are lucky, one of these things is re-angling the hanging stacks towards the dance floor (as opposed to the direction of the pin cozies) and maybe the other is insulating the walls or ceiling for some sound absorption. Just saying', if we're lucky…

Bustle In Your Hedgerow, 8/12/11, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC… 8 HUZZAHS!! FUCKING PHENOMENAL! Tons of fun^! Can't wait to see 'em again!


^ These guys would be a great late-night set at moe.down.

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