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Ominous Seapods, 12/17/11, Valentine's Albany, NY

Ominous Seapods, 12/17/11, Valentine's, Albany, NY

Here's the thing about bands doing "farewell" shows-- I don't buy it anymore. They always come back. Reunions are the new black. And it's not a bad thing, I'm just saying that when a band calls it quits, it may take 2 years (God Street Wine), it may take 10 (Pavement), but they typically return in some form, eventually. Shit, even Led Zeppelin did it (with Little Bonham) in 2007^. Not that you could get a ticket for it, but you did at least try.

Anyways, when Ominous Seapods announced that guitarist/vocalist Dana "Monty Roberts" Monteith would be moving to Australia, the band set up a "Farewell" show, so we could get our last kicks in for at least the foreseeable future. It was hard to get too sad, because as Ominous Seapods fans, if there's one thing we can all acknowledge, it's that the Ominous Seapods love money. And as long as money exists, so will the probability that Dana will do a Stateside visit at some point, and seize the opportunity to play with the Seapods once again. Especially after he becomes a huge Australian Country Music Star, gets his own Private Jet, and starts gallivanting around the globe with his trendy Australian-American family and attend luncheons in Dubai with the Beckhams, who will secretly try and convert him to Scientology, until Dana offends The Powerful Lord Xenu with a tender love ballad about Wombat Jerky that hits a little too close to home, which will all happen-- MARK MY WORDS.

With their Winter Carnival 2011 performances still fresh in my mind, and the various reunion shows we've seen them play over the past 10 years, this show almost seemed par for the course. Another family reunion to check off the list. In fact, it didn't seem like it was actually happening. Not the entire time I drove way too fast up the NYS Thruway and somehow didn't get pulled over. Not during the entire lovely dinner with Rich, Liz, & a carafe of salsa. And not for at least the first 25-30 minutes of the show, when it felt like all I was doing was hanging out with friends while music was happening in the background. Valentine's was packed and we were kind of stuck behind the first stack by the stairs where there is not much of a view or vibe and a chilly wind blows up from the street to nip you in the ankles, but we had each other, and that was all that mattered.

Oh yah, there's a show? In the meantime, Jet Smooth, Blackberry -> As I Stand Here Now, during which, I found a crisp $20 note (it was totally clean) in the women's bathroom, which is by far the best thing I've ever found in the bathroom at Valentine's. A pretty Matchmaker. Groovy Rocking Taste Sensation Overload, a song Dana wrote with his brother-in-law about a particular experience in Australia, which resulted in his (Dana's) passing out. Ahh, Dana, The Diplomat! Out of Myself featured Todd "the New TP" Pasternack on lead vocals, and it is lovely to hear him sing again. And speaking of lovely to hear sing again, the Dark Horse lurked out from behind the keys to serenade us on AC/DC's smash hit It's A Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll). THE DARK HORSE SINGS AGAIN. He also pulled out--- a totally fucking sweet Melodica solo. All Glory to the Dark Horse!

They went super old skool with If I Had a Smile, but the show really kicked into full gear and/or the band finally got warmed up, when they busted into Guide to Roadside Ecology. The room was moving, the energy was flowing, the boys hit their fucking groove. The Albany Magic appeared. It finally felt like an Ominous Seapods show. Guide -> Michael Murphy III, including chant-a-long at the end, fucking fantastic. Then a beautiful (it's always beautiful) Cary Suite to close out the set. Awesome.

Setbreak featured Nanaimo Bars and me planting down in front of Tom Pirozzi's (aka The Old TP, Teep, Whiskey Tom) spot. At least that's all I actually recall. Shameless cross-promotional side note: TP will be performing with Jon Bevo's Love Orchestra (God Street Wine in rubber pants) on 1/28 in Jersey.

Set II kicked off with Bong Hits & Porn to set the mood and so we could watch Dana go "wah wah wah" with his mouth at least one more time before he takes off. Da Bomb. And a most specialtastic Pull From Adirondack Blue, wherein taking the sticks from our darling wonderful Ted "Tigerbeat" Marotta, was none other than Vinnie Amico from moe., and popping onstage to the left of TP, was North Country Freak, Josh Himmelsbach (Justin Trawick Group, Ten Feet Tall), on Mandolin. Bach totally fucking smoked his Mandolin with a fantastic smile on his face the whole time. While Vinnie, cool as a cucumber, played the song OLDSKOOLFASTTEMPO and the Seapods had no choice but to act natural and keep the fuck up. Vinnie and Bach kept them young! FUCKING AWESOME.

Soon thereafter, Dana started a "Drew Price" chant -> Original Plattsburgh Mutant Drew Price got onstage -> Max licked Drew's Ominous Seapods tattoo (yes), for at least the 2nd time in history. Max is a gamblin' man.

Next was another wonderful treat, as Teep filled the room with patented Teep Love, in the form of Anything is Possible. Awww, Teep. A few of us toasted to our pal Johnny Fishwick, who was definitely there in spirit. The hypnotizing Buddahful Belly appeared and all at once, the room became enveloped in a familiar haze (this may have been Johnny Fishwick's doing from beeeeyonnnnnd!!). The Mutation continued when Dana's life got Cancelled. The boys played him off with Men at Work's Land Down Under. Here's some video-- audio courtesy of Undertaper Productions. The end is a bit messy, coincidentally, because I was attacked by an Australian, who bore the strength of a thousand Tasmanian Devils.

Good to be Alive, Josephine's Grand Motion -> a romptastic Room of Ruins, and a bittersweet but triumphant Leaving the Monopole to end Set II. For an Encore they covered the Angels' Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, leading the audience to chant back the answer: No way!! Get Fucked!! Fuck Off!!!

They attempted to end it all there, but Promoter Greg Bell, offered to pay the band another $100 to play another song (Greg wanted to hear the Old TP classic, SHIP). All of a sudden, in a totally unprecedented turn of events, the audience started passing money up to Dana to keep playing. Usually it's to get him to show his ass (or not) or dip his balls in hot sauce (or not). The boys collected some cash, stowed it in their garters, and played on.

We got a positively smoking Money to Burn, featuring Todd Pasternack on fucking fire, Ass Ferrets in full effect, getting it all. out. Wow. And then Max Verna on his bread & butter, Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley. His version would make Phish stop playing it out of shame. Fuck yeah, Max. Hope I Shall Arrive was a sweet sendoff, and then, finally, Greg Bell got his Ship, and even sang backup vocals on the ever popular chorus, "Don't wanna swim in shit no more!" Somewhere in there, the clock struck 2:11AM and we had a toast.

Ahhh, another fun Seapods show in the books! See? Don't fret. Nothing to worry about. They always come back. You just have to hand them enough money.

It was awesome seeing the boys (all of them) together and enjoying themselves again. It was awesome seeing so many friends/family together again. I love Late Nights in Albany! More praise here! OMINOUS SEAPODS, 12/17/11, Valentine's, Albany, NY-- DANA'S MOVING DOWN UNDER FAREWELL: 9.3 HUZZAHS!!! Gotta leave room for improvement.

GOOD LUCK, MONTEITH FAMILY! Don't get any cats, I'm coming to visit and I'm allergic!

Set One: Jet Smooth Ride, Blackberry Brandy > As I Stand Here Now, Matchmaker, Taste Sensation Overload*, Out of Myself*, It’s A Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)**, If I Had a Smile > Guide to Roadside Ecology > Michael Murphy III, Cary Suite

Set Two: Bong Hits and Porn*, Waiting 4 Da Bomb 2 Drop* > The Pull From Adirondack Blue***, Anything is Possible*, Buddahful Belly, Your Life Has Been Cancelled* > Land Down Under**** > Cancelled*, It’s Good to be Alive*, Josephine’s Grand Motion* > Room of Ruins*, Leaving The Monopole*

Encore: Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again?%
Encore2: Money to Burn#, Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley, Hope I Shall Arrive Soon, Ship$

*with Todd Pasternack on guitar and vocals

**AC/DC cover, with Brian Mangini on lead vocals and melodica, with Todd Pasternack

***with Vinnie Amico (from moe.) on drums and Josh Himmelsbach on mandolin

****Men at Work cover

%The Angels cover

#with Pink Floyd jam

$ with Greg Bell on backing vocals

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW!! Thanks, Jason Townley/Undertaper Productions! http://www.archive.org/details/OS2011-12-17.OS2011-12-17


^ How cool would it be if Tomo became the new drummer for Led Zeppelin and they did world tour? Awwwwesome.

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