Sunday, May 18, 2008

baseball weekly, from the desk of the manager of the ultra cets

two issues to address here.

firstly, an open letter to eric byrnes:

dear eric,

you giant fucking douche. why won't you go on the DL already? you would be more useful benched for 2 weeks and coming back at 100% than you are playing at 30% and monumentally sucking. your home run the other day convinced me the drought was over and i should put you back in at OF. so i did. and then- NOTHING. please, for the love of cheesus- free the demons from within your hamstrings and HEEEAAAL!

hallelujah! let us pray to the almighty cheesus. cheesus is good.
mgr. the ultra cets

and now, a hypothesis about the state of the new york yankees...

if you've watched any of the horrendous games over the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed something is different about the new york yankees (other than posada and arod's absence). they are missing their magic. they are staring into space and have no fire. i believe they have somehow fallen under control of the mighty hypnotoad. who knows if joe torre did this before he left last year (he's a sneaky bastard), but if girardi can't figure out the keyword to unlock the spell, i'm afraid the yankees are doomed. DOOMED!

oh yeah, and a kid on a leash from a thursday afternoon yanks game i went to. this kid's gonna have some issues.

award winning photo by gullo, here's the gallery

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