Sunday, June 29, 2008

gestation of a foodbaby... pt.1

last week i had dinner with a couple of my oldest/dearest friends and one of them revealed to the rest of us that she is with child (over empanadas- the best kind of announcement food). there is some sort of creature growing inside her. typical of this friend, everything revolves around food. a tiny asian, i've spent my life watching her eat whatever she wants in massive quantities whenever she wants (without any negative implications). so it was only fitting that she first described the size of the fetus in terms we could all understand... "right now, it's the size of a turnip." "a turnip???" i grew squeamish and slightly confused as i've never compared a fetus to turnips before (and from now on will possibly think of fetuses each time i encounter a turnip). she sensed this and chased me around holding up her hands forming the correct size and screaming, "TURNIP TURNIP TURNIP!"

so, the following day i got my sweet revenge by sending her an artist's rendering of her foodbaby... it turned out well and i've decided that (with her permission) i will be posting weekly updates of the gestation of her foodbaby. she did request that i wait until this week to start posting them because she hasn't told everybody yet. "wait until it's a bell pepper." "okay, well, you let me know when that is, but i'm still posting the turnip... you filthy turnip-breeder."

it is now with great pleasure that i present to you, the first of many posts in a series entitled, "gestation of a foodbaby."

17 weeks, the turnip (last week).

18 weeks, the bell pepper (this week).

what will the foodbaby look like next week? stay tuned to find out!

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Y said...

That's hilarious!!! What's the next evolution of foodbaby? Cabbage? Pineapple with stylish 'hair'? It'll be a couple more month until the watermelon phase!

- Foodbaby's Aunt