Monday, January 25, 2010

danny barnes, 1/20/10, joe's pub, nyc

danny barnes, 1/20/10, joe's pub, nyc

I'll be honest with you. It's been very hard to concentrate today because moe. announced a surprise show at Brooklyn Bowl to take place tomorrow and my head asplode! This is just a phenomoe.nal week to be unemployed, lemme tellya.

But this a Danny Barnes review and I best get back to it. Danny Barnes plays a dark and clever banjo. That's the kind of show I was expecting. However, Danny walked out and tinkered with a laptop and loop-box and played dark and clever banjo OVER his canned music for most of the show. It was a little odd, but still cool. The word "experimental" came to mind a few times. It actually reminded me of when al schnier started playing solo shows at the Wetlands*.

There I go again... No, no, no. No more moe. talk. Danny Barnes. Meatballs! Yes, spectacular meatballs & french fries! A better meal you will not find. This was Mark's idea, btw. I dared him to eat a sauce-sandwich with the leftovers, but apparently he's too classy for that. Somewhere between the mojitos & the ketchup** my spleen died.

Jeff Austin from Yonder came out and joined Danny for a few of his songs. No computer tracks. All live. Very sweet to see the two of them onstage together. Both would also be special guests at the upcoming moe. WHY benefit show at Roseland. Ahhh, see-- the mind is in moe.ville. This is fruitless. My personal apologies to Danny Barnes for this scattered review, but I'm done. Blame moe., I do.

Danny Barnes, 1/20/10, joe's pub, nyc: 7 HUZZAHS! Thanks to Mark for the healthiest meal I ate all week!

I'll post the link to DL the show once it's up on archive!

Jen Bernstein took some great video!

HI-RES GALLERY (all 6 pics!)

* al. talked more.

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