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moe., 1/22-23/10, Roseland Ballroom, NYC

moe., 1/22-23/10, roseland ballroom, nyc

When Phish announced they'd be getting back together in 2009, I was excited. I never doubted they would reunite at some point, but it didn't consume the Live Music Junkie in me. I wasn't losing sleep or scratching at the demons trapped beneath my skin until my arms became bloody stumps over it. I didn't need to be in Hampton.

I did & do, however, need to be at every moe. show within a reasonable* driving distance of my present location and particular circumstance at any given time. It's been this way for 14 years, because: I fucking love moe.-- which is why I have to first take a second and say:
Happy 20th Anniversary, moe.!!! Thank you for being AWESOME and around for so long! Your music makes me happy & I love you! Please never go away and not come back. That would suck and make your faithful moe.ron minions very sad**.

Also, thank you for shifting the announcements. That ruled.

lynn <-- hey, that's me!

-ps- Lazarus in Ithaca? Pretty please??
So, when the boys announced they'd be playing 2 nights at Roseland to kickoff their 20th Anniversary Tour, I bought both my tickets immediately, because I had to be there. The first night was a benefit starring moe. & friends, for WHY (World Hunger Year) and also raised money for Haiti Earthquake Relief. The 2nd night was destined to be a classic Roseland moe. show. Fuck yeah.

FRIDAY, 1/22/10

My buddy Joe's friend bailed on their charity-auction-poster-meet & greet-vodka-drinkoff ticket a couple of days before the show. Joe (who hadn't seen moe. in 10+ years) twisted my arm til I took this VIP extra and I got a kickass poster, signed by moe.! Totes sweet! Thanks, Joe!**** We also had access to the raised side-stage/VIP area and a Ketel One (YUM!) open-bar for a little while before the show. Once the open-bar was done and the doors were a few minutes from opening, no one else in the ballroom seemed to be showing any interest in the vast real estate up front. Joe and I had no problem being those nerds, so we claimed some land in front of Satan and it filled in around us. We met some very nice folks and then our crew showed up. Anticipation!

nerds on the chuck.side rail, yo. REPRESENT!

moe. walked out almost on time, the NYC crowd roared, and they busted into an INTENSE Timmy Tucker that never let up! We were riled up and then -> Bearsong!!! WOW. What a frenzy!!! So so glad they gave us that mega-dose of EVIL at the top!! I'd been thirsting for that since moe.lloween!! Ahh, what a score!

Things continued to rock when Danny Barnes (Banjo) and Marco Benevento (Keys) came in for Captain America. Then Jeff Austin (Mandolin) came out for Barnes' song, Caveman. They all stayed in for a huge Nebraska that the crowd soaked up like slurry on a rum-cake. Next up was a sweet Happy Hour Hero with David Sanborn (Sax), Butch Trucks (Drums), and Marco. To end Set I, Jeff came back on and belted out a MASSIVE Whipping Post. WOW. That man can work a room!!!

With setbreak came a big decision--- stay put or go upstairs? HA HA HA! HAIL SATAN!!

SET II. Butch and Marco came out for a gorgeous In Memory of Elizabeth Reed that got the crowd right back into it. Then chuck. took over with the timeless Cowboy Ballad, Shoot First. Danny and Jeff made it even awesomer. Ditto for the awesome Waiting For the Punchline. I really dug Marco's song, The Real Morning Party. It's super catchy and the beginning totally reminded me of Mott The Hoople's, All The Way From Memphis. I've said it before and I'll say it again, "something something something Mott The Hoople, etc." They played Shake Your Hips but I thought it was Window Licker Reprise. WTF?

And then I heard what sounded like groaning feedback... Could it be? Dumb fucking luck-- IT WAS!!! East Nashville Easter!!! One of my favorite Yonder Mountain String Band songs! It is twisted and evil and I LOVE IT! Exclamation points!!! <---

watch al. as he watches jeff austin break the time-space continuum

After that head asplosion, I retired from chuck.side to hang in the balcony for the rest of the night. Mexico was great. Everyone got onstage for The Weight and it was a fitting conclusion to the fun & wonderful night.

This was by far the easiest and most enjoyable relief work I've ever had to do. Thanks, moe., for hooking that up. Now watch as I pat myself on the back for a job well done!


Timmy Tucker ->
Captain America *+
Caveman *+$
Nebraska *+$
Happy Hour Hero *%^
Whipping Post *%^$

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed *^
Shoot First +$
Waiting For The Punchline
The Real Morning Party *
Shake Your Hips *+$
East Nashville Easter *+$
Blue Jeans Pizza *
Mexico *^

The Weight *+$^

* = w/Marco Benevento on keys
+ = w/Danny Barnes on banjo
$ = w/Jeff Austin on mandolin/vocals
^ = w/Butch Trucks on drums
% = w/David Sanborn on saxophone

(taped by Scott Bernstein-- thanks, Scott Bernstein!)

SATURDAY, 1/23/10

"You play better in your suit." - Joey "the Lips" Fagan, the Commitments

Our night started out at Iguana, where 2 Strawberry Window Lickers left me pretty shit-housed for the duration of the evening.

I was super-pumped up for a loud and abrasive moe. show and really excited cuz Mike Weiss was going to be seeing them for the first time since like, '98! '97! HA! What is with all you hold-outs?? We found some space towards the back of al.side and were ready to regroup and work some strategery!

moe. came out wearing suits and giant ear-to-ear grins! Happy 20th Anniversary, guys! al. later announced that it was "Monkey Suit Night". They were quite handsome, actually. It was sweet and real classy-like! The boys were all really stylin'. vinnie. looked like he could order a hit on Your Mother and chuck. totally looked like a Secret Service Agent-- which has it's own merits... But I would like to take this opportunity to pause and appreciate just how dapper rob. looks in his suit. Wow.


And then they played Plane Crash. BAH! Nevermind that! Threw It All Away rocked!!! SO NICE! YOY (YAAAY) -> Down Boy, Deep This Time... But the rest of the set was really all about meat.! Loud, abrasive, & freakin' evil like it should be. Dave Fiuczynski, from Screaming Headless Torsos sat-in and totally helped rock it on his double-neck guitar.

bend it, al.!

By the time setbreak came around, Melissa, Dave, and myself, had made our way towards the front on al.side. There would be no turning back! They did a Head opener. Spine was A++ outstanding! -> Dr. G -> Johnny Lineup-- WHAT??? Letter Home, awww!! Yodelittle, awww yeah. -> one of the best Busters I've ever seen!! SO GOOD!

Where the hell do you go for an encore after a Buster of that magnitude?!? New York City was sweet and sentimental, but it wasn't enough-- I wanted more--- I needed more... and Seat Of My Pants was exactly what I was after! A dark fix that would surely be enough to tide me over "until next Saturday in Ithaca". It would have to be*****...

These two Roseland shows really summed up what moe. and their community is all about. Loud, evil, beautiful, wonderful music, and goddamn genuine hippie love. I just hope that every moe. fan realizes how much these guys spoil us-- and that they LOVE to spoil us! All you have to do is look at their faces at any show. Watch them, watching us, watch them. The boys were glowing these two nights****** and so were we. And they've been doing it for 20 fucking years! I fucking love moe.!!

moe., 1/22-23/10, Roseland Ballroom, NYC, NY--- TWO NIGHTS OF AWESOME: 9.75 HUZZAHS! Thanks, moe.!!!



Plane Crash
Threw It All Away
YOY ->
Down Boy
Deep This Time
Big World *
Meat *

Spine Of A Dog ->
Dr. Graffenberg ->
Johnny Lineup
Letter Home ->
Yodelittle ->
New York City ->
Seat Of My Pants

* = with Dave Fiuczynski on double neck guitar

(taped by Scott Bernstein-- thanks, Scott Bernstein!)


* This apparently varies from roughly 0 to 1000 miles (+1.2 miles every time i had to walk from Centeroo to my tent, you motherfuckers) + tornado warnings
** No joke- I bawled like a fucking baby when GSW*** broke up. That fucking sucked. Tough times.
*** Dear moe., Please book GSW for a full day at moe.down's "beer tent" stage.
**** And Thanks, Joe's Obviously Lame Friend.
***** Or would it?
****** Especially the 2nd night.


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it's true. post-show on saturday we went to a scottish pub, where hern ordered haggis. i tried a small forkful w/ a good mashed potato ratio. it wasn't bad, tasted very peppery.

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Well done!! One note...the last time for me was 1997. :-)

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*SO* close! done and done.