Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Black Crowes, 11/4/10, Best Buy Theater, NYC, NY

The Black Crowes, 11/4/10, Best Buy^ Theater (this name is still BLEAH), NYC, NY

They weren't allowing photography for these shows and I cooperated. So, instead of photographs in this review, I will paint you glorious pictures with my words in the form of inspirational Haiku fucking awesomeness. Let it be known that I had an allergic reaction to something today and am currently riding the mighty crest of a Benedryl buzz.

Pregame at Baumy's!
Empanadas for dinner!
Exclamation points!!!

The line to get in,
'round the corner to Broadway,
when The Crowes began.

More packed than ever.
Thanks, Mark, for the Mezz sticker.
It's nice to see Chris.

For the second set,
I found The Crowes Running Crew.
We rocked out Rich-side.

Hey, Tall, Fat, Asshole,
standing in front of two girls.
You'll NEVER get laid!

I went back upstairs,
for a clear view of the band.
Sorry, my floor peeps.

Two sets to say bye.
I preferred the Electric
over acoustic.

The Southern Blues Rock
and my Black Crowes Running Crew
will surely be missed.

Some solo albums
and a few years of living.
We know they'll be back.

The Crowes were rockin'.
A fifty-dollar ticket
is a bit steep, yo.

For post-show fun-times:
a loud, shitty, cover band,
until we found Munsch.

Little B.D.J.
on a Mid-Town Adventure,
needs a G.P.S.!

The Black Crowes, 11/4/10

SET I (acoustic)
Cold Boy Smile
Whoa Mule
Fork In The River
Hot Burrito #1
Hot Burrito #2
How Much For Your Wings? -> Jam ->
Bring On, Bring On
Garden Gate
You Don't Miss Your Water
East Virginia Blues

SET II (electric)
Jam -> Waitin' Guilty ->
Another Roadside Tragedy -> Jam ->
Wiser Time
Poor Elijah - Tribute To Johnson (Medley)
Downtown Money Waster ->
Thorn in My Pride
She Talks to Angels

Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
I Ain't Hiding

# last "Hot Burrito #1" - 2/22/97

Thanks to CrowesBase for the setlist and nerd-note!

^ Still holding back vomit.

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