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Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell, 11/5/10, Mexicali, Teaneck, NJ

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell, 11/5/10, Mexicali, Teaneck, NJ

Yaaaay!! Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell (of God Street Wine) aka Dos Heteros--- FINALLY! These two are just what every Wino needs to tide them over in-between GSW shows. And being able to drink frozen margaritas while enjoying them = super BONUS. But would the guilt of being at an awesome moe. show (oh the torture) while they were playing at Sullivan Hall back in October finally end? See below, for answer.

It was a spectacular, clear, Fall night and aside from having to pull over and let a car with blue headlights (FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING BLINDING, MIGRAINE-TRIGGERING, DOUCHE FUCK) pass me, the ride to the show was without incident.

When I got to Mexicali (if you see the Kosher Chinese Food place, you've gone too far!), it was time for John Rango to take the stage-- which usually means he's jumped up there during someone else's act- but in this case, he was the act- John Rango and Friends. It was a lovely set by all and I'm always taken aback at what a great voice he's got. Shiiit, it's even a little sing-songy when he takes the time to tell me, "Lynn Guppy, you're one funny fucking bitch." Thanks, Rango. And that's exactly why I helped him out when he forgot the first words to the God Street Wine classic (and oh-so-tender) ballad, "Wonderful Westchester Women". ("So, you leave your favorite drink...") Though, it was pretty damn fun to watch him squirm up there for a minute... standing next to Lo & Aaron, who didn't remember the words either. And there was definitely at least 1 verse missing, maybe more. Chris Robinson uses a teleprompter, you know.

In between acts there was some Wino pregaming in the vicinity and it was really fun to hang out with some fabulous Old Skoolers. Many of us are still a mischievous bunch and I love experiencing that widespread Wino camaraderie once again. Great times.

Lo & Aaron finally got onstage and the crowd was ready for 'em! The whole damn show was great. Not that I'd be too picky about it, cuz it's Lo & Aaron and they are awesome-- but the whole damn show, really was great! They've adapted their classics into acoustic duo goodness.

Highlights (lots): Found A New Baby was masterful. Big Papa, cuz I've missed Aaron's pipes. Funny Kinda Love, which I really really wanted to hear in July- they've completely reworked it for acoustic. Very very cute and left me smiling (I am actually still smiling from this). Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Strange As It Seems was AWWWESOME. When She Go, which is one of my favorites. Stranger. Sneakin' Around!!! Peanut Butter Jar!!! Let me emphasize that even more: *** ACOUSTIC DUO PEANUT BUTTER JAR!!! *** Straight Line was like a big bear-hug of goodness.

They had John Rango on guitar and Ken Sidotti on keys for a couple of songs each- both were great compliments to Dos Heteros.

footage courtesy of Michael Weiss (thanks, Mike!)

Just want to talk logistics for a minute: The setup at Mexicali can be challenging. You've got the stage at the front of the room, with a smallish dance-floor area in front of it. Then in back of that dance-floor are tables- regular sized and tall ones. The bar is sunken down in the back of the room and above the bar (upstairs) are more tables. People like to get there early for dinner and drinks (as they should, because it's great there), but once the show starts, depending on where you are seated, there's a good chance your view of the stage will be compromised. The crowd usually starts out respectfully flanking the sides of the room and in back of the regular sized tables- but then there's this huge empty dance floor up front and it just BEGS for people to come-hither. Eventually, the crowd trickles through the aisles and makes their way to the empty dance floor-- but then the people who are seated at the regular tables can't see. Upstairs doesn't completely solve the issue, as the angle of the sight-line isn't great. Typically, your best bet at Mexicali is to get there early for dinner and drinks, but don't plan on sitting during the show if you can help it. Usually the tequila takes care of that for me. If you want to be seated and see the show at the same time- try and get one of the taller seats/tables on the side (call for reservations) OR, drink more tequila.

So, the burning QUESTION: did this show finally end the horrible gut-wrenching torturous guilt nagging me ever since missing the Lo & Aaron Sullivan Hall show in October??? ANSWER: IT HELPED. And I got a Funny Kinda Love!!! Though, I'm not really feelin' the blazers. It just doesn't feel right. They don't scream "ROCK GOD" like a nice old t shirt does!

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell, 11/5/10, Mexicali, Teaneck, NJ: 9 HUZZAHS!!!! Can't wait for more! Also, there are these 3 guys I'd really love to see sit-in with them... on land.

Interesting note: I finally figured out why restaurants serve tacos in 3's. It's because you can eat 2 at dinner and the third at 3am when you get home and need a wonderful taco the most.

Lo Faber and Aaron Maxwell
Mexicali Blues
Teaneck NJ

I've Found A New Baby
Driving West
The Ballroom
Big Papa
Funny Kinda Love
Mile By Mile
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Strange As It Seems
When She Go
Goodnight Gretchen
Waiting For the Tide
Sneakin Around
Peanut Butter Jar
Don't Speak of These Things*
Straight Line#

Romeo and Juliet

*With Ken Sidotti on Keyboard
#With John Rango on Guitar

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW! Thanks, Budke!!

There's a whole bunch of footage of this show (and some of backstage) up on youtube- so go search for it, willya?


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Harpua said...

Great review Lynn! Great to see you as well! Just wanted to say its hard for these types of shows that are "planned" to be intimate, sit down shows, and turn out to be so rocking that everyone wants to dance, myself included while doing lights! lol

We set the room differently for different types of shows, but it def. can be a struggle when its unsure if people will sit and enjoy dinner, drink and a soft, intimate show or completely rock out to acoustic greatness! Just funny to see some acoustic shows be all quite and people sitting, and shows like this turn into raging dance parties! lol

Great job again, love your energy in these reviews! :)