Saturday, June 4, 2011

American Babies / J. Roddy Walston & the Business, 5/30/11, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC

American Babies / J. Roddy Walston & the Business,
5/30/11, Brooklyn Bowl, NYC

My friend Mark is sick of reading about American Babies. In fact, we spoke before this show-- I had to assure him that I wouldn't review it. And I really wasn't going to... but they were just SO FUCKING TIGHT, and their set sounded SO SWEET, I at least had to report that and share some fun pics of them rockin' out. I freakin' love this band.

Dance All Night, Streets of Brooklyn, Desperate Times, Want A Girl, Baby Don't Cry, Invite Your Friends, You Really Got a Hold On Me, Rocker, Telephone, Joeline, Winter War Games

Headliner J. Roddy Walston & the Business, were finishing up their month-long residency at Brooklyn Bowl and had a pretty solid turnout for any Monday night, let alone a Memorial Day Monday night. J. Roddy Walston (lead-singer, keys, & guitar) is clearly the Love Child of Gregg Allman and Leonardo DiCaprio, who apparently hired Jerry Lee Lewis as their Nanny. They played straight-up fun Southern Roots meets Green Day-ish Rock n' Roll and the room was stomping (or maybe it was just that one dude totally losing his shit directly in back of me.).

Earlier in the night, I was chatting music with a Totes Hipster who told me "I hate jambands" and partially because I enjoyed watching his skin crawl at the mere mention of the word "jamband", I asked him what "exactly" it was about "jambands" that he hated? He went on about noodling that goes nowhere, blah blah blah... To be honest, I kind of lost my attention span and tuned out after that, but I did prescribe to him some: moe. (he'd never heard of them). "moe. play Rock n' Roll. It's more Primus than Phish. The jams have purpose and a destination. Wow, you look disgusted at the thought. No, seriously-- you should really go see them." (insert Hipster Eye Roll here) Ha ha Hipsters.

via David Lowery's Facebook page:
dressing room graffiti at the Redstone Room, Davenport, IA

I got to bowl with the Babies, which is a statement I will be using out of context for my own amusement in the future. It also reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:
Q: What's the difference between unloading a truckload of bowling balls and unloading a truckload of dead babies?
A: You can use a pitchfork on the dead babies.
Yes, a bowling ball joke! Hey Mark, aren't you glad I reviewed this show?

Awesome show, super fun night, frozen strawberry margaritas! MAD HUZZAHS!!!

Tom Hamilton teaches a Challenged girl how to bowl. He's a Saint.

Dave Butler's gnarly gash.

Adam Flicker says, "Dave fell down the stairs."


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