Monday, March 12, 2012

God Street Wine Announce 3 NYC Shows In 2012!

Much like chumming for sharks, 90's NYC Rock Kings, God Street Wine, have spent the past week baiting their fans (Winos) into a feeding frenzy. Though it had been dormant for a while, a new message appeared on every day last week. Messages included song lyrics, history lessons, and general silliness to help conjure up a bloodthirsty kind of excitement-- so, just what in the hell was GSW up to?

Today we learn (via a clip of the now legendary Waiting For the Tide moment from the Gramercy in 2010 that reminds us how pants-shittingly awesome those shows were, and a cordial invite -- "hey man, it's purple!"), that:
GSW will be playing 3 shows this summer at the Gramercy Theater in NYC. *insert squeals of delight here*

I do remember it, and it WAS quite fun.

Always with the etiquette...

All three shows go on sale this Wednesday, 3/14/12, at 10AM. Please note: the last time GSW played the Gramercy Theater, tickets sold out in mere minutes. So, if you want tickets to any of these shows, it is absolutely imperative that you have your shit together for presale this Wednesday. Most importantly-- here are each of the ticketmaster links you will need to purchase said presale tickets:
2nd most importantly, the presale password is: Toonces

You know-- Toonces, the driving cat. The cat who could drive a car.


Let's recap:
  • 10AM
  • Toonces
And in Haiku form:
Wednesday is Presale,
at 10AM type: Toonces
Don't fuck up, people.

Buy early, buy often (but not if you're a scalper), and bring your friends! Come one, come all! Old and new Winos alike! These shows are gonna ROCK! Fer fack's sake, Tomo's been practicing for months!

And if you don't know who God Street Wine are and for some reason you are still reading this-- head over to the archive and check out some GSW right now-- follow this link, press play, and stream one of my favorite shows!

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