Monday, January 7, 2008

moe., 12/30/07, irving plaza, nyc, ny

dudes, was i fucking psyched for this show. i saw last year's 12/30 show as well and it was spectacular and so much fun and intimate and had an old skool vibe that i really really appreciated---- so i was sooooo fucking psyched for this show. i don't hit nye shows anymore after the flyers skate zone debacle, but the night before is all i need. it was icing and generally shitty outside but i met up with mr. scrappy macjew on the line and HE happened to get in line right next to jlo, so that was pretty awesome. after we got inside we had to wait in the coat check line for like 20 minutes but it's okay cuz there was a 1/2 barrel of free apples for people to enjoy... ? ... we saw one brave (stupid?) girl eating an apple and decided if she was okay in 2 hours then the apples were fine. we didn't see her again. jlo saw something shiny and ran off and tommy and i went to wait on the line to get our drinking bracelets.

when we finally made it up the stairs there was possibly the smallest security chick on staff wrestling a drunk and sweaty wookie who was screaming and flailing wildly before he threw his stinky knit hat up in the air and it flew directly into the garbage can and the wook ran yelling towards the packed floor. the security girl ran after him not willing to relent and tommy and i looked at each other and laughed as we heard the crowd erupt at the spectacle. we went upstairs to try and find a good view. about 3 seconds before i edged my way into an open spot at the balcony, some big drunk guy got there- so we moved on. we ended up on the floor in the back on the right, it wasn't great... once moe. got on some asshole literally pushed in and stood right in front of us and we both said out loud, "oh hey, wow, you're an asshole, look at that." so we decided to move. that was the best thing that could have happened to us (thanks, asshole!), cuz we ended up moving around and finding an awesome spot chuck side on the floor right in the front, maybe 15 feet from the stage? perfect view and a somewhat chill crowd around us, which was nice.

the band was pretty fun, they haven't been on tour steadily for about two months and i'm not quite sure how many rehearsals they had for this, or if this was the rehearsal for nye, because all night long they were fucking up. not just lyrics. not just chuck and lyrics. not just rob mumbling lyrics he couldn't remember. even al forgot stuff. ! but the band was actually missing cues, forgetting where verses go, where pauses in the music go, etc. etc. it was hysterically messy. it added to the old skool intimate vibe of the show which was absolutely brilliant. memories of being in an empty bar and screaming at the band that they suck and you want your money back kind of fun. of course we still do it, but it's times like these we remember why we started doing it in the first place.

somp was great, sensory deprivation was a nice touch- rob TOTALLY mumbling his way through this, to the point of laughter, timmy was awesome-- great crowd sing along. timmy ended and since i was right near the stairs i BOLTED for the bathroom and got inside and the last empty stall before a line formed. AWESOME. when i got back out of there there was a huge line and a security person letting people in as people left. GOOD TIMING!

nice treat for the 2nd set, they were setting up an extra guitar but i couldn't really see what was going on cuz some tall drunk people kind of got in front of us that we were able to scoot around for the most part and get our view back. but anyways- they broke into opium and we heard some slide guitar and the lights went up and holy fuck it's dickey betts sitting in! so, dickey betts is up there playing right between chuck and rob, right in front of us, and you can tell they are trying to teach him the song and the changes as he's playing- so just watching the guys kind of school him was really cool, just REALLY cool. and you know, seeing dickey betts sit in with moe. was just really cool. and then after a couple of songs he walked off stage and even chuck said, "wow, that was really cool."... then chuck mused about how irving is supposedly the "fillmore east" now and that dickey played the original fillmore a zillion years ago and he was just kind of lost in the moment, but i can dig it, yo. and of course he came back out for mexico, which was also very cool and added a fun element to the song.

right before the encore they did their announcements and i'm getting a little sick of this crap- people announcing show numbers blah blah blah, enough already- say happy birthday to some folks and let's go! rob started making up announcements (DREAMY) and i screamed "SHUT UP AND PLAY!" and al had one more birthday- matt campbell from camp get.down- that i'll say is okay, because not only is it a bday but it's also matt and i met him this summer and he's totally cool- so happy birthday matt (sorry i didn't run into you at the show). now get to the fucking music!

encore was a lot of fun, i was hoping to hear rebubula again cuz last year it was just over the top and blew me away with the whole room singing along and i couldn't stop smiling cuz that song just warms my soul... but you can't get it all the time, and i always hear buster (right eric?) so the spaz>buster>spaz worked just fine- cuz the band rocked out til 1am, and it was fucking awesome all the way.

i tried to start a few chuck chants but no one on chuck side joined in, wtf is that about? CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK!

so, moe., 12/30/07, irving plaza- 9 HUZZAHS! fucking awesome! i'd be psyched to see some more highline shows this spring, but the palace should be fun too. i wanted to go see hot day at the zoo afterwards at the parkside lounge, but it was shitty outside and it was really late, and the parkside lounge isn't walking distance from irving, so instead i got some diner and went home and still managed to get to sleep at 4:30am. loughrey called me from the train station in hoboken to say he wasn't going to the hdatz gig (ha!). and scrappy... poor scrappy misnavigated the subway and missed the "last" train, so he had to wait til 4:20 to hop on the next one and got home at 5:50am... ooooooh. rough. MUST catch hot day at the zoo next time they are in town! i've been waiting to see them again since last march. ACK.

show for download or streaming:

Set I: Stranger Than Fiction, Runaway Overlude, Captain America> Seat Of My Pants> Sensory Deprivation Bank> Timmy Tucker
Set II: Opium*> In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed*, St. Augustine*, Where Does the Time Go?> Mexico*
Encore: Spaz Medicine> Buster> Spaz Medicine

* w/ Dickey Betts

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