Monday, January 7, 2008

on the road to change... tales from a political junkie fallen off the wagon. vol. 1

for the past 7 years i had to turn away as the politics became so increasingly corrupt and disgusting to me that any time george w. bush was talking bile would actually sneak up into my mouth and nausea would take over my system. now that the bush reign will finally come to an end, i find myself once again off the wagon and back on the political junkie high.

watched the debates on saturday and it went something like this:
republican half made me mad and angry and wanting to shake stupid people. i cannot express my rage right now. perhaps in time it will flow articulately. i just kept thinking, "the rich people don't GET it." most of these dicknoses are so out of touch with society it's scary.

democrat half made me desperately optimistic and sad and lonely all at once. was wondering where we'd be if al gore was president for the past 8 years. then had a friend politely remind me al gore was elected. then i cursed jeb bush and his whole family of crooked thieves and got mad and angry again in time for the last question of the night which was "what would you take back if you could take back something you've said?" hillary answered like a politician and didn't answer, richardson and edwards were funny and honest, and barack agreed with hillary.

i'm particularly enjoying the new contest by the democratic candidates as to who's campaigns and policies are "most personal" to THEMSELVES.

on the road to change, indeed.

barack fascinates me and he is an amazing public speaker- he fills me with hope. he is perhaps the african-american bill clinton (without all the adultery--- so far... please please please). hillary. i wish i could believe in her. i want to think she could implement universal healthcare but she didn't the first time around. and she didn't divorce her husband after the numerous times he's boned randoms, so i really have very little respect for that (arrangement or none). i think that would have done wonders for her public image especially amongst women. she needs to let loose in a blaze of glory. networks were saying edwards did so well cuz he went for a run on saturday afternoon. i like his stance on lobbyists and sticking it to the man. i think he'll be a great running mate for barack.

oh yeah, i almost forgot-- where the fuck was dennis kucinich? oh that's right- abc EXCLUDED HIM from the debate. so- ron paul was up there for the republican round, but kucinich ended up on pbs with bill moyers. interesting.

more to come...

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