Monday, March 24, 2008

xmlb '08 draft... gentlemen, to evil!

every year a group of valiant and spritely individuals get together in mid-town to perform the task they were destined to do: win the much sought after XMLB league trophy for excellence in fantasy baseball. saturday, 3/22/08 was one such gathering.

we converged upon the draft headquarters, otherwise known as dan's office conference room with the creepy stuffed raccoon in it at noonish. the two newbies had arrived earlier to participate in the supplemental draft, as everyone who was in the league last year got to keep 5 players. once the supplemental was over, the draft order was determined by pulling balls out of a bingo cage (ball pulled can choose spot in order- ha ha ball pulled). balls. each manager was given the same amount of balls as their placement at the end of last season. so, since craig is an asshole and finished 1st, he only got 1 ball. that's 1 ball. since i came in 4th, even though i was a rookie and the only girl in the league- i got 4 balls. that's 4 balls. and so on and so forth, etc.

after much ado and whiskey for some, we were ready to draft. the order was as follows:

here's a behind the scenes look at one of our breaks. it's nerdery at it's best and a good time taboot.

if you found that amusing, you're a nerd.

when all was said and done, craig is still an asshole. he's the biggest asshole in the league, actually.

and mighty team GAMERA starts off the 2008 season as:
1) david ortiz*
2) ichiro*
3) derek jeter*
4) eric byrnes*
5) robinson cano*
6) ryan zimmerman
7) jacoby ellsbury (kid's amazing- he's fucking worth it, so suck my 4 balls)
8) rich hill
9) javier vazquez (had him last year, solid starter)
10) chad billingsley
11) matt capps
12) joakim soria
13) clay buchholz (limited innings, but should do me good)
14) ivan rodriguez (he can stay strong another year)
15) kosuke fukudome (let's see what the hype is aboot)
16) hideki okajima (killer middle reliever)
17) kevin kouzmanoff
18) pat neshek
19) casey kotchman
20) melky cabrera
21) greg maddux
22) chris perez**

* my keepers from last year
** i'm ahead of the buzz, he's not even available yet, so i'm currently left with 1 extra roster spot

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gentlemen, to evil!


Super-Extra said...

You have four balls.

Chris Metzger said...

Batistick plotting the demise of the XMLB is classic. "I think they were breaking my balls."

Your balls were broken.

Or maybe not.