Sunday, March 30, 2008

i was saying boo-urns.

oh wait, no- i was booing too.

"president" bush threw out the first pitch on opening day at the nationals/braves game sunday night and was serenaded with a spectacular hail of boo's from the moment he stepped out of the dugout to the moment he left the field. when the catcher handed him back the ball he also gave him a couple of sympathetic pats on the back. bush looked at him with the, "they hate me but what are ya gonna do?" shrug and speed-walked into the tunnel. good jorb washington baseball fans! ye gads, i fucking hate that guy.

it was fucking awesome. and definitely worth sitting through the "most exciting player in baseball" talk that preceded the first pitch. thanks, espn. it has begun.

in the 5th inning elijah dukes was "suddenly" taken out of the game, because on the way back to the dugout he impregnated and threw a gatorade bottle at a 17 year old... again. why is this man still allowed to play baseball? actually, why isn't this man in jail?

and after the braves tied it up, my 3b ryan zimmerman came up and smacked a walk-off home run, mouthing, "get the fuck outta here" as the liner went over the fence. ZIM, DOOM DOOM DOOM!

the real opening day starts tomorrow at 1pm.


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