Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the dream is dead, gone, all smashed up.

baseball? more like BOOOOOOsball.

i'm disgusted, ashamed, heartbroken, and altogether uninterested.

tonight, the yankees officially ruined baseball. this roster and season are a disgrace to legends past and the ghosts of yankee stadium.

after a season of spiritless ball playing, tonight's apex hit me like bobby abreu hitting a wall- slowly and cautiously before falling over and whining like a little fucking bitch. for it was at that exact moment i finally gave up on the 2008 yankees and turned on 'project runway'. the new york yankees do not deserve to win a game let alone a pennant race, wild card, or series title. they're fucking awful.

at what point in the professional career of a baseball player do you stop doing your best? busting your ass? hustling? at least eric byrnes went down fighting. all it took was 2 heinous muscular women and arod's game was done. never did i think i'd say they should have traded melky and kennedy for johan, but they should have traded melky and kennedy for johan.

i've tried to wrap my brain around it a million times (at least a million). was it the loss of joe torre? is arod's tabloid drama locker room poison? it's easy to blame injuries: posada, jeter, arod, joba, hughes, wang- all down for part or all of the season. for a while i had convinced myself that it was the curse of yankee stadium. the realization that the mystique- the very heart & soul of the team was mortal. the boys in pinstripes no longer had yankee stadium on their side and the prospect of moving across the street was draining their souls- everything they'd been taught to believe in. but perhaps it's not that at all. perhaps it's much more simple: too much partying, padded paychecks, and a team full of individual egos with no drive.

you don't need a golden thong, a mustache, or a ford commercial to play baseball. you need the soul of a child* or a warrior- one who wants it badly enough... the yankees don't want it at all.

the yankees are dead. long live the yankees.

*i am in no way promoting ritual sacrifice

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Super-Extra said...

I agree completely. Abreu's retard-o crash into the wall was the flashpoint, the straw that broke the camel's back for me. That's when I gave up on the Yankees and tuned into Joe Biden's speech at the DNC. I hope Hank Steinbrenner visits the Yankee clubhouse today and punches every single one of them (except maybe Mussina, who has actually overachieved this year) in the face.