Saturday, September 6, 2008

foo fighters, 7/29/08, east rutherford, nj

foo fighters, 7/29/08, brendan byrne arena (the izod center), rutherford, nj

erika and i blew off work early on a tuesday night in july and headed across the border to catch a rock show in jersey. i am retarded and couldn't find any info on the concert as far as what time the show started and if there were any opening acts. this resulted in a shortened pregame in the parking complex and us stumbling into the arena just in time for the first of 2 opening bands. who saw that coming?

year long disaster was pretty okay, it took me a few minutes to get in the mindset of a "rock show". for some reason this one just struck me in a different way than the rock shows i typically find myself at. this was straight up easy-to-digest mainstream arena rock n' roll. it was kinda cool. after a month i can't recall many details about year long disaster, but i have in my notes: great white / soundgarden / southern rock. also, i really wished their drummer would have worn a shirt.

we were good little consumers and bought some beer, water, and pretzels. tempting as it was, i decided against a bacardi silver raz malt liquor. it's one of my few regrets from the night.

supergrass- well, at least i'd heard of them. they were pretty good and put on a good show. my notes say: rush / elvis costello / crowded house / pink floyd / u2. oh, also we decided that supergrass was a cool name for a band ("dude... you know what a cool name for a band would be? ... supergrass.").

foo fighters. well, it's the foo fighters! the foo fighters are just awesome, aren't they? yes. they are bonafide rockstars now and dave grohl is a bonafide frontman- complete with spastic sprints and rockstar poses- good stuff. the stage design was cool, with 4 giant screens constantly shifting position and flashing images of the band and some album artwork/music video footage. i'm not a huge fan of the music video footage behind a band while they are playing live. i think it reinforces said music video into the live music experience where they should usually be kept separate. specifically- i don't need to see the video for 'the pretender' and animated riot police on the big screens- that song is such a balls out angry protest song- let it stand on it's own for fuck's sake! let's ROCK OUT to the performance! but big fat 'WHUT EVS', right?

the first half of the set was set up at the opposite end of the arena to rock shit out. then about halfway through, a small circular stage descended from the ceiling and they did a more acoustical chunk of the set before heading back to the opposite end of the arena. for a mainstream arena rock act, they played a long set, which i totally appreciate.

it was the last show of the tour so dave was a wild man, drunk as fuck, screaming the shit out of his voice, telling some great stories and using the word "fucking" even more than i fucking do, which is fucking saying something. there was a particularly funny story, but i don't remember it, so forget i fucking mentioned anything.

i DO remember that sometime during the foo fighters, i caught a whiff of two distinct smells but both at once, turned to erika and said, "i smell... ketchup... and weed." ? so she looked around, pointed at the guy in front of us eating french fries, "ketchup!" and looked around again, pointed across the aisle from us where a plume of smoke was rising, "weed!" gave myself a nice pat on the back for that one- nose like a hound dog!

as far as people watching goes, this place was top notch. the worst faux-hawk i've ever seen was worn by a 16 year old with a full head of hair but the long mohawk hair much longer and dyed blue- a modern day mullet. a 15 year old sneezed on the back of my arm while i was walking back to the car, it was an unfortunate event. i sped up my pace and doused my arm in baby-wipes to try and rid myself of the disease. oh and there was a 16 year old future stripper wearing a bra and micro mini with a face full of makeup yelling at people for looking at her- ahhhh, jersey.

again, kickass, but over a month ago, so you're not gonna get many more details from me other than i fucking loved the foo fighters live and would definitely see them again. foo fighters, & co., 7/29/08, brendan byrne arena, rutherford, nj: 8.5 HUZZAHS!


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