Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NEWSFLASH: GSW presale ticket info, pt. 1!


Here is Part 1 of the God Street Wine presale ticket info. Stay tuned for Part 2, which will be posted both HERE, www.godstreetwine.com, and on the BBGSW facebook page, tomorrow morning at 9am in time for you to prepare for the 10am presale!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
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9th of March 2010


Hello again. Tomorrow morning begins the pre-sale for our Gramercy Theater shows in July. This service is only available online.

To avail of this special plan you must first obtain a weblink that will take you to the Live Nation site specifically setup to access God Street Wine ticketing information.

Secondly you will be required to provide a secret password for the purchase of said tickets.

Please check back here Wednesday morning at 9:00am ET for that very information.
The pre-sale will begin an hour later at 10:00am ET.

All of this is kind of like a mini-treasure hunt that actually requires very little searching, deciphering of codes or sloshing through the mud! Pretty simple stuff folks.

Good luck,
Tom, Lo, Dan, Jon, Aaron and Mike (www.myMSteam.com)

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