Tuesday, July 20, 2010

moe., 6/30/10, peekskill, ny

moe., 6/30/10, paramount center for the arts, peekskill, ny

Sooo many more shows to review, let's keep this one short and sweet. It's always a little upsetting to leave Saranac Lake, but I had another moe. show to see that night, which helped ease the sads.

The Paramount Center for the Arts is an old school, 1930's movie theater in downtown Peekskill. It's listed on both the NYS and National Registers of Historic Places. It's a gorgeous room with grand ceilings and great sound. There was a nice crowd, but the fact that the show landed on a Wednesday night probably didn't work in moe.'s favor- it definitely wasn't sold out. Security was a bit uptight, but there's a parking lot next to the theater and re-entry is allowed wink wink nudge nudge.

Skrunk-> Brent Black -> Cathedral -> So Long. That was SET I. 4 songs. And despite having a setlist this night, the boys were rocking the segues again. Brent Black was full-on shredding and balls-out awesome. They freakin' nailed it. So Long had the enjoyable and haunting Middle Eastern-y accent going for it (similar to Ithaca back in January) - diiiiig.

SET II. Bring It Back Home got the crowd pumping again -> a KICKASS Dr. Graffenberg. I love It, I love chuck. Went upstairs to the Mezz during Blue Jeans Pizza and the sound up there was just incredible. Wish I wandered up sooner! From there, Mark and I rocked out George, Daydreaming -> Rec Chem. Rec Chem was great, I've been wanting to hear it for months now-- but it was faster than usual and I wasn't sure if that was because the band actually played it faster, or if it just seemed faster due to the incredible lack of smoke in the venue throughout the night and especially for the duration of Rec Chem. Geez--- when did everyone get so old?

Down Boy was a spirited encore and then I went home to eat cereal & milk. NICE.

moe., 6/30/10, paramount center for the arts, peekskill, ny: 8 HUZZAHS! That's not a low number and sometimes I gotta keep the HUZZAH levels down to earth. Look for a similar perspective in the upcoming Westbury review.

Skrunk ->
Brent Black ->
Cathedral ->
So Long

Bring It Back Home ->
Dr. Graffenberg
Blue Jeans Pizza ->
Daydreaming ->
Recreational Chemistry

Down Boy

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW! Scott Bernstein taped-- thanks, Scott!


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