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moe., 7/4/10, the stone pony, asbury park, nj

moe., 7/4/10, the stone pony, asbury park, nj

I call this one, "the Gotti".

Here's the thing about The Stone Pony on any regular night--- it's full of townies. They've never heard the band they're about to see, but they're gonna sit at the bar, drink more than you, and scream when they feel like it. That's just how it is. Just let it go.

Here's the thing about moe. at the The Stone Pony on July 4th--- besides the moe.rons, it's also full of townies, tourists, and Jersey Shore extras. These people really do exist and they are going to the show with you... and you just need to let it go. Accept it and move on. Even if-- and I want to make this absolutely clear--- even if Snooki Lohan is standing 5 feet away.

Though it was my 4th moe. show that week, I was still excited to see how they would top themselves. Cuz those 3 prior shows were pretty killer, but moe.'s 4th of July Stone Pony shows have a reputation for kicking ass.

SET I. Crab Eyes (har har), Yodelittle -> Four -> a phat rockin' Johnny Lineup with a dark dark groove. It was all coming together. But shit, I'm just gonna skip to the most important part of SET I (maybe the most important part of the night?? most important part of summer tour??) which was this...

The quick little intro caught me completely off guard and it took a few seconds to register... and then I just didn't fucking believe it--- I turned around to Mark in disbelief--- "is this??? ... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME*???" He smiled and pointed me back in the direction of the stage where moe. had just broken out UGLY AMERICAN, for the first time in like for-fucking-EVER. I mean we used to scream for it til our throats were dry and we eventually stopped cuz it became a losing battle-- but it freakin' just happened!! THEY FINALLY BROUGHT BACK UGLY AMERICAN!!!!!! Sure, rob's commitment to learning the lyrics is as questionable as ever, but who fucking cares!? UGLY AMERICAN!!! WOW. It made my night. They could have played an hour long Plane Crash after that... Glad they didn't though. -> George and the pretty dueling Asbury Park fireworks closed out the set.

they mostly dressed-down due to the heat


I'm not sure if the Jersey Shore extras were the ones who started the "U.S.A." chants, but they were definitely the ones who carried that torch through the rest of the night. Ahh, just let it go.

It was a bit warm out when the show began, but the lovely ocean breeze took care of us. It also blew rob's hair around like a rock video. This is where we pause a second to appreciate rob's hair in the ocean breeze...

SET II was a hot, loud, meat sammich dripping with gravy! meat -> Dr. Graffenberg -> Spine -> meat! Works for me!

See that asshole on someone's shoulders? Of course you do-- everyone does- because she's blocking the entire crowd's view of the band. Try to let it go... If that doesn't work, throw a floor-glowstick at her. It will make you feel better... Trust me.

The encore was a beautiful Faker -> Tailspin, which sounded nice while standing outside on a warm summer's night. A nice feeling to end a triumphant 4 show week.

moe., 7/4/10, The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ: 9.6 HUZZAHS--- SOLID SHOW! and seriously--- UGLY AMERICAN**???!!!!! YESSSSSSS!

Crab Eyes
Yodelittle ->
Four ->
Johnny Lineup ->
Awesome Gary ->
Billy Goat ->
St. Augustine
Ugly American -> ^
George %

meat ->
Dr. Graffenberg ->
Spine of a Dog ->

The Faker ->

^ = last time played 03/18/99 (1071 shows ago)
% = w/fireworks, then fireworks a few random times during the 2nd set

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW!! Scott Berstein taped-- thanks, Scott!


* If you listen to Scott Bernstein's recording of the show, you can hear some other moe.rons freaking out when it starts. :)
** I might not have forgiven myself if I had missed this.

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