Monday, July 12, 2010

Never Reviewed: early Aprilish - early Julyish, 2010

... Reviews that never were.

It was a busy few months at work, folks. Most of you think there is tons of money being wired to me by shady corporate donors in support of this blog because of our heavy influence on today's youth culture, but the truth is, it's not enough. I floss my teefs with Grey Seal whiskers and Neti with White African Rhino tears. Knee-deep in the basic cable trenches for a few months and the bloggies did suffer, it's true I'm afraid. Ignored in exchange for small portions of sleep* and satisfactory portions of direct-deposit US currency. My sincerest apologies.

Here's a quick recap of some shows I never reviewed.

Leroy Justice, 4/9/10, 92Y Tribeca

Dear Leroy Justice, I owe you a real review.

Important Points: Soulful southern blues rock meets Blind Melon and they go out drinking which is all-classy-like, until they start swigging from a bottle of Jim Beam that one of them snuck inside and someone gets punched in the face (figuratively). Lead Singer Jason Gallagher is a rockstar. Bass player Bradley Wegner sports an absolutely spectacular handlebar mustache.

Thanks to Scott Bernstein for taping- DL THE SHOW:

Cracker & the Reverend Horton Heat, 5/27/10, Highline Ballroom

Important Points: Cracker can do no wrong for me. I will continue to take pictures of David Lowery in horribly low-lights and Johnny Hickman in his badass cowboy shirts, because I love them.

The Reverend Horton Heat was high-energy, totally rockin', and really really fun. His bass player, Jimbo Wallace is a mad-man. It was an eclectic co-bill that brought with it a mixed crowd in their 30's and 40's-- mostly dudes, many nerds with hippie tendencies, dark rockabilly types in bowling shirts, and the Sideburn Alert Level was elevated all the way to Black Watch Plaid. It was also Fleet Week, so there were a handful of Navy folk rockin' out and some sort of Tila Tequila lookalike in a slutty Andrews Sisters outfit determined to serve her country.

Got a parking ticket. Fuck you, Bloomberg.

Les Claypool, 6/5/10, The Wellmont Theater, Montclair, NJ

Important Points: Weird backdrop posters of cross-bred animal species in tuxes, matching masks/tuxes on the band, and surely inspired by poisonous mushrooms. Les Claypool brought his dark conceptual 2010 stage-show to the Wellmont Theater in Jersey. Pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig. Les, you're a nut. Don't change.

Phish, 6/13/10, Hershey Park, PA

Important Points
: The last time I saw Phish in Hershey Park, I was in HS. This was a spectacular opportunity to re-rock Hershey. Let's see... Phone died in the lot, found friends -> found juice -> found more friends -> rocked out.

It was a really good show, nice to see Phish on Summer Tour and get some fresh air. Some highlights, some meh-lights, yada yada yada. (Yeah, I yada'd the Phish show). Sunday night shows are rough, especially when you get stuck in 1am NJ construction projects, and have to work in NYC the next day. It destroyed me for the rest of the week and I ended up skipping out on SPAC because the idea of getting into a car was upsetting.

Faith No More, 7/5/10, the Brooklyn Waterfront

Hot. They were *AWESOME*. If only the set were longer!!! I'll bet those guys could put on a sweet 4 hour show if they wanted. Mike Patton is amazing. Slightly limping from previous week, I hung out in the back and was way too far away for any decent pictures... Then kind of sort of deleted all the pics before uploading them, which is a shame cuz the skyline shots of NYC and the kayakers watching the show were pretty, and the 5 block line to get into the venue was a freakin' great photo. Whoops.

Stay tuned for a mountain of rapid-fire reviews... Up Next: 4 moe. shows! And Then: God Street Wine!

* and Yankees Butts

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