Sunday, July 13, 2008

gestation of a foodbaby... pt.3

DISCLAIMER: if you're just tuning in now, this is another entry in a series entitled, "gestation of a foodbaby" which follows the development of a fetus that is temporarily living in my friend's body (NOT MINE). please refer to the original entry for the full story.

20 weeks, "a banana".

a what? how do you go from 3 consecutively ball-like items (turnip, bell pepper, tomato) to a fucking banana? i mean, barring the fetus being stretched out all week (is it trying to look taller? buy beer?), it makes NO SENSE.

regardless. a 20 week old fetus apparently is the size of a banana.

there are certain ingredients you can substitute for in baking (ie: buttermilk = milk + lemon juice), but if you tried to substitute banana with a 20 week old fetus, there would be considerable damage done to any recipe. banana bread would taste more like a tender meat loaf. you wouldn't want to dunk that in your coffee, but it would probably still taste good lightly toasted and covered with butter (what doesn't?).

the only other thing bananas and 20 week old fetuses have in common is that both start to smell if left in the garbage too long (too far?).

20 weeks old, a banana.

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