Monday, July 21, 2008

gestation of a foodbaby... pt.4

21 weeks, a carrot (the "length" of a carrot)

DISCLAIMER: if you're just tuning in now, this is another entry in a series entitled, "gestation of a foodbaby" which follows the development of a fetus that is temporarily living in my friend's body (NOT MINE). please refer to the original entry for the full story.

carrots are yummy. i am pretty picky and only buy organic carrots. this is because i can taste the difference between a carrot that tastes like carrot and a carrot that tastes like a bucket of pesticides burning my tastebuds- chemically.

if you are not eating organic carrots, you ain't l-i-v-i-n-'. so pick yourself up a bag today. i enjoy peeling, chopping, and boiling carrots for a couple of minutes til they are slightly tender. i save some of the carrot water to mix with organic butter and salt to create a yummy sauce for the carrots. it's truly a taste sensation overload.

at 21 weeks old a fetus is roughly (very roughly, i'd venture to guess) the length of a carrot. there are many different types of carrots.

there are the carrots we are most accustomed to seeing:

but there are also purple carrots:

also, really gross carrots* (this popping out of my friend would be just as bad as the lizard baby from "V"):

oh the wonder of life and art in nature. live it up, peoples.

* yes, it's a carrot top joke. fuck you.

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Super-Extra said...

I wish Carrot Top had a better fitting belt.