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Not Trey, 2/19/11, Red Square, Albany, NY

Not Trey, 2/19/11, Red Square, Albany, NY

Yah, so I was planning on going to Albany to see Dana Monteith / Lo Faber / Aaron Maxwell and had no idea Trey Anastasio was playing the same night (conflicting with Dana's set) til like the week before. It didn't matter. I don't have nearly enough Monty Roberts in my life at the moment, so at no point was a mere thought even given to checking out Trey at the Palace instead. Fuck no. DANA 1 / TREY 0

Still in the cloud of phlegm that was a Post Winter Carnival Bug of some sorts, the days leading up to the 19th were spent: eating homemade chicken soup, neti'ing 3 x day, & popping Mucinex-D like Skittles-- cuz there was *NO WAY* in hell I was missing this lineup.

Around 5:45pm, I snuck into Red Square for a taste of soundcheck, where Dos Heteros +++ was happening. Sitting in with Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell for a portion of the evening would be: Zabeth Chase (Henry's House, Friday Night Freakshow, Alex Mazur (Maaze), & none other than Tom "The Old TP" Pirozzi (Ominous Seapods, Deoro, Lo Faber Band, The Holiday Ramblers, Shark Sandwich) on bass. Let the mutation continue!

Dana arrived, sans wooden plank. He would have to find one before showtime or risk being without percussion for his set. The suspense!

We hit up McGeary's for dinner -> Jillian's, to say hey to members of the Stone Revival Band. Our timing was kind of perfect and we were treated to some soundcheck. This included the fabulous Mop-Topped-Liverpudlian himself, Vinnie Amico (moe.) singing lead on Casey Jones.

-> Red Square, where tequila was dranked.

Good news, everyone! Dana found a plank! He took the stage and rocked out his alt-country Truck Stop Love Ballads and a few Ominous Seapods standards. The Old TP came up and played on a few too, including The Holiday Ramblers Theme Song (once proper lightage was provided). Lo Faber got up and joined them on Waiting For Da Bomb. Awesomeness.

The place started to fill in about halfway into Dana's set (shortly after the Trey show let out) and it had started to buzz. Lots of familiar faces in the room. People were singing along. It was an all-around great vibe. Dana was flat-out, fucking awesome! Why did he ever stop doing the solo shows? No matter that now-- Monty Roberts is BACK! You have no choice, he will tenderize your brain and seduce your cockles. TROOF.

What's inside that magic credenza?

Dos Heteros have been on fire as of late! This night was no exception! Highlights: Wall, an amazing amount of sound, a brilliant & dark song. When She Go, cuz it's one of my favorites!! Thirsty, Angeline, Mile x Mile- see below re: Aaron's breathtaking crystal clear voice. Nightingale, cuz it was kickin' and had the room shaking. Hearing Lo nail If I Only Had a Brain, was sweet and sugary good. If you weren't smiling during this song, you have no soul. Totes cereal. More jaw-dropping madness with Aaron on Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Highlights (cont.): A killer Upside Down & Inside Out, w/ Zabeth Chase on additional vocals. A groovin' Tide, at which point Teep & Alex Mazur were already sitting in. Hellfire (kickin'), Gretchen, Borderline (BORDERLINE!!!!). They did a quickie All Of Me encore, slightly butchered (what on Earth are the teleprompters for?), but that just adds charm.

Despite seeing Dos Heteros on-the-regular, each show is still special. A wonderful little treat that I cherish every moment of. The guys are in the fucking Zone. They are shredding on acoustic guitars, nailing new arrangements for old favorites, having a TON of fun, and are you tired of hearing me talk about how crystal clear and perfect Aaron's voice sounds right now? Goosebumps. The mind, it boggles.

What a great night! Late Night Albany Rock. Old Skool. Would love to see the Seapods & God Street Wine side projects collaborate on some more gigs. Fill a room with friends and enjoy some music together. Shit yeah, let's do this!

[adult swim] seriously needs to adjust their late-night Saturday schedule. Can't the 30 people who tune-in for anime just watch it^ on their computers now? Where's a Venture Bros when you need it?? When I finally passed out, Chrissy was telling Mr. Furley exactly what was inside the envelope. You know hilarity ensued.

Sunday's Breakfast was (as always) positively delightful at the lovely Madison Cafe, but the Waterhole's Bloody Marys are way better.

And *THAT*, readers, is how I had an awesome night of music in Albany on 2/19 and didn't even go to Trey (who I hear was fabulous, btw!). (Stone Revival Band,) Dana Monteith, Dos Heteros + Friends, 2/19/11, Red Square, Albany, NY: 9.8 HUZZAHS!

Dos Heteros + Friends
Found A New Baby
When She Go
Mile x Mile ->
If I Only Had a Brain
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Upside Down & Inside Out %#@
Boston Rag %#@
It Starts With a Kiss %#@
Tide #@
Good Dream #@
Hellfire #@
Gretchen #@
Shenandoah %#@
Borderline %#@
Hey Jude %#@

All Of Me

% w/ Zabeth Chase on vocals
# w/ the Old TP on bass
@ w/ Alex Mazur on keys

Thanks to Gabe, for confirming the setlist!


^ (and rub one out)

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