Thursday, February 10, 2011

Todd Snider, 2/2/11, Joe's Pub, NYC

Todd Snider, 2/2/11, Joe's Pub, NYC

I heart Todd Snider and wish I had time to review in full detail this wonderful show. However, having barely slept in a week and needing to leave for Saranac Lake tomorrow for a very special Winter Carnival weekend of Mutation with Ominous Seapods-- this Todd show will be brought to you by the magic of HAIKU-VISION.

Grilled cheese with bacon,
molten lava tomatoes,
singed roof in it's wake.

Oh, Todd Snider's hat,
both floppy and brim-tastic.
Occasional eyes.

Storyteller Tour.
He's masterful & charming,
intense, and barefoot.

Requests from the crowd?
Todd Snider was there to please.
I want to hug him.

Hey Drunk Girl, up front!
You can't pee in the Coat Check!
Still, Todd forgave her.

Goddamn, Todd Snider.
you are so fucking awesome.
9 barefoot HUZZAHS!

Thank you to Marquis,
for Todd Snider in my life.
Phenomenal taste.

Ballad Of The Kingsmen
Bring Em Home
Greencastle Blues
Tillamook County Jail
The Devil You Know
D.B. Cooper
Rose City
Play A Train Song
This Land Is Our Land
Sideshow Blues
45 Miles
Beer Run
All My Life
Vinyl Records
Just Like Old Times
Stuck On The Corner
Easy Money
Conservative Christian…
Enjoy Yourself

Can’t Complain
Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern

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