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Tres Heteros, 1/29/11, Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

Dos Tres Heteros, Jason Crosby, American Babies, James Maddock,
1/29/11, Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NY

Has anyone else noticed that Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell (aka Dos Heteros) have played shows at least once a month for the past 4 months? January included 2 God Street Wine AND 2 Dos Heteros shows. If you're a regular reader, you may recall that back in December, we began plotting of ways to increase Dos Heteros in volume, 1 Heteros at a time. Well, I didn't see any Reese's Pieces or thimble-shots of Jim Beam last Saturday night, but BEVO WAS THERE-- so the plan must have worked! It's begun!

Gabe and I enjoyed dinner, drinks, & Jason Crosby-- who put down the violin, keys, harmonium, etc., for an acoustic guitar. We marveled at how he can put down all the other instruments for an acoustic guitar and still be so awesome at it. Musical geniuses- must be a hard life.

Second Act, singer/songwriter James Maddock on the acoustic guitar had maybe kind of a Van Morrison thing going on, but I couldn't understand a word he was saying in between songs-- or even pinpoint the accent. I was also wrist deep in frozen (and otherwise) tequila, which made this more challenging.

Soon it was time for Dos Heteros! It was a great first 5 songs, Run To You was one of my show highlights because I'll never get tired of hearing Lo sing it. Funny Kinda Love & Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter were cool, but honestly-- let's skip to the part we all care about-- the one and only Jon Bevo emerging from a cloud of smoke and sitting down at some keys to form: Tres Heteros.

They busted out a gorgeous Brooklyn, Driving West, a totes awesome/heavy/driving Wall- hot damn! Aaron's voice is crystal clear and as smoov as butter these days--- Angeline was no exception-- they KILLED this song. Gabe has been requesting it for a while now and by the end he had totally melted right there in front of the stage- a human puddle of Sasso.

Romeo & Juliet, Sneakin' Around, and soon it became clear that Bevo was staying for the duration of the set! EXCELLENT!!! They invited Jason Crosby up, adding his poetic violin to the mix for the rest of the show. Epilog (with wonderful audience singalong), Electrocute, Molly, beautiful. It's all kind of a blur of goodness.

I do remember getting gushy over the Beautiful Lies encore because I'd been hoping to hear it again (since December at Sullivan Hall) and getting it with Bevo was like putting bacon on an already delicious sandwich.

The entire crowd was glowing at this Fun Size GSW show. Love it! Like most Fun Size things, it was super-satisfying, but I crave more. It's been amazing to witness God Street Wine's rebirth. The guys can study history, teach music, design software, and try to pretend they're normal everyday people all they want-- but the truth of the matter is that certain people are just wired differently. When it comes down to it- composing and playing beautiful music is what the members of GSW were meant to do. As a Wino, it's abundantly wonderful to experience this again.

Earlier in the evening, over dinner, a discussion was had about discovering new music. About how you can go see a hundred bands and they can be great, but every so often you stumble across a band that flat-out blows you away. A band that's actually worth your time and effort. Most of the crowd took off before American Babies got on for the late night set, which was unfortunate-- because American Babies rocked the roof off Mexicali. It was criminal that more people didn't get to partake in their totally Awesome Rock.

Yah, they blew me away as per said dinner conversation and I plan on dragging people to see them in the near future. Already sent out the "we are going to a show" email to a bunch of folks. Someone responded with what seemed like a simple question: what do they sound like? "They are like honey drenched in bourbon and wrapped in bacon." Yes, I realize this is the 2nd bacon reference in this review, but bacon is awesome and doesn't that sound delectable?

Look at all the Awesome Lines emanating from American Babies and hearts from TJ!

Tres Heteros, w/ Jason Crosby, American Babies, & James Maddock, 1/29/11: 9.5 HUZZAHS! Tons of thanks to Lo & Aaron for continuing this trend & to Bevo for playing almost the whole damn set. What a treat!!

February brings us 2 more Dos shows. The Dos show in Albany has Dana Monteith of Ominous Seapods on the bill (it's also rumored that certain other mutated guests will be making an appearance) and the one at Joe's Pub will not only include Bevo, but also GSW Bassist, Dan Pifer^! DOS HETEROS ARE MOTHERFUCKING VOLTRON.

COMING SOON: Live 3D Tomo Hologram Simulcast!!!

Found A New Baby
Run To You
Funny Kinda Love
Sit Right Down
Driving West#
Romeo & Juliet#
Sneakin' Around#
Dear Prudence#%
Good Dream#%
Mile x Mile#%

Beautiful Lies#%

# w/ Bevo
% w/ Jason Crosby

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW! Please note, there is apparently a "major cut" during Driving West due to an issue with Yossi's deck. I will add Budke's DL link once it's available. Thanks Yossi & Budke!


^ There can be only one.

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