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Almost God Street Wine, 2/25/11, Joe's Pub, NYC

Almost God Street Wine, 2/25/11, Joe's Pub, NYC

"It was like being in a womb. It was fucking awesome!"
-Rhonda Lieberman

Sweet Baby 211, there was so much fucking traffic on the way to this show that I nearly had a heart attack! GAAAH! I finally made it to the SOLD OUT Joe's Pub with a few minutes to spare. Phew! So, I had a lovely mojito, ran into a ton of folks, and made my way over to the little nook where Mark and I landed at the Todd Snider show last month.

Dos Heteros + 2! Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell + Jon Bevo & Dan Pifer! ALMOST GOD STREET WINE!!! Fuck yeah!

First of all, there was a fucking Grand Piano on the stage- let's start with that. Yes. Sweet.

The boys (still poppin' fresh from Jamcruise) hit the stage and welcomed us with a bouncy Borderline. Thirsty was beautiful. Jason Crosby joined them on violin for Bevo's catchy-as-hell Beautiful Lies. -> Stranger. Wow. This was Almost God Street Wine. I kept expecting Lo to open the drawer to the onstage credenza and our Live Tomo 3D Hologram would jump out and play. Like the size of Mike Teevee. "Can you hear me? Am I coming in clear?"

Upside Down & Inside Out was stunning. The crowd even started to join in--- ahh, gotta love those 2 drink minimum tables at a short show! Molly was nothing short of brilliant and featured Lo absolutely fucking ROCKING OUT on the guitar solo! Hot damn! Then an awesome Chop!, which Tomo may not remember, but I've been wanting to hear again for a decade. AWESOME!!! Funny Kinda Love-- also AWESOME!!! Then, by far the most random of all historical GSW song resurrections over the past two years--- Edgar's Back In Town! (<-- hey man, it's purple.) Wow! This was probably the first time I've ever heard it live! That makes me feel less old! Totes rockin'!

Jason came back on for the remainder of the show. Lo switched to an electric for a beautiful Epiphany. With the electric guitar, Bevo, & Jason, the twirly-ness of the song remained solidly intact. Awesome. -> Angeline, which Aaron & his lungs totally nailed (again). His voice is unreal right now. UN-FUCKING-REAL. And then a super-happy Nightingale to close out the set. Having the other two guys and Jason on this, adds so many more dimensions. It's just wonderful. They encored with Straight Line, our last chance to hear Aaron show off for at least a few weeks.

The set was entirely too short, but I savored every second of it, I tell you whut.

Man, I love Dos Heteros, but Almost God Street Wine is so fucking awesome too. The guys were smiling the ENTIRE time (as was the rest of the room). Dan held down the groove all goddamn night. It was so wonderful to see him bouncing in the back, hearing his voice, and then disappearing mysteriously into the night. Bevo totally killed it on the Grand Piano, it was great to see/hear him again so soon. Jason's violin is such a natural compliment to the mix, it's a pleasure whenever he pops up at a gig. And of course, Lo & Aaron fucking rule.

Joe's Pub was a great venue for this gig, except that we all got booted out of there immediately after the show, so they could set up for the 2nd (Primetime) show of the night. That kinda blew cuz there was no time to celebrate with the Winos. We must take over Joe's for the full night next time! Yes! And perhaps add an Afterparty?

In the back room after the show, the exchange of a Giant Red Suitcase took place. The scene itself was reminiscent of Pulp Fiction. However, we did learn what the contents of this particular giant red suitcase were: a chunk of The Paul Ducharme's tape collection. I felt honored to hold one of his old cassettes. One particular was from the Rhinecliff Hotel in '88 or '89 with a dementedly sick setlist. There was a familiar sort of old tape cassette residue on it that stuck to my fingers long after I'd put it back with it's brethren. Perhaps I've absorbed some of it's powers? These will hopefully make their way onto very soon.

This show felt like being embraced in a great, big, warm hug. See Rhonda's quote up top? She got the same feeling from this truly special evening. I really really really really really REEEEAAAAALLLY hope they break out this lineup some more. Even if it's only every few months. Or twice a year. Too greedy? The thing is if I say "at least once a year", it'd be a lie, because I'd really really really really REEEEAAALLLY like to see it again, at least once more, this year (and every year). Or like, every (remaining) month (left on Earth). Can I freebase Almost GSW?

Almost God Street Wine, 2/25/11, Joe's Pub, NYC: 10 HUZZAHS!!! AWESOME.

UPDATE: Macky has posted the links to some of Linda Phillips' footage of the show in the comments section below-- check 'em out!! Thanks Macky & Linda!

Oh yeah, and there's a Jackson Diner in Union Square now! WOOOOT!

Beautiful Lies->*
Upside Down Inside Out
Funny Kinda Love
Edgar's Back in Town

Straight Line*

* with Jason Crosby

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW! Thanks, Scott Bernstein!


^ This is exactly why I will remain hopeful for a New Eyes... someday.


Michael said...

fuckin' a

mackymacky said...

Here are 4 videos from the night shot by MackyMacky using Linda’s camera

mackymacky said...

Here are 4 videos from the night shot by MackyMacky using Linda’s camera


lynn said...

macky! thanks for the links to the awesome vids!!

michael-- fuckin' a RIGHT, buck!