Friday, November 28, 2008

al & the transamericans, 11/8/08, mexicali blues

al & the transamericans, 11/8/08, mexicali blues, teaneck, nj

Short review: Al & the transamericans were fun, I've seen them much better- this was a very very mellow show. Mexicali Blues is cool and occasionally gets great acts & performances. Any venue that serves frozen margaritas is fine by me- but it occasionally feels weird as a venue: the lighting is kind of cheesy and the room just feels too big sometimes (high ceilings maybe?). Still not sure why. The 1 long set seemed slightly strange and there was some jewish girl screaming hebrew* at al all night which was pretty odd too.

Always nice to see/hear Gordon Stone & Kirk Juhas (Al and Vinnie of course and Eric their bass player is great, but I still missed Teep).

Oh and there was an unfortunate 16 year old with no rhythm kind of spazzing out right in front of the stage which was slightly hard to bare witness too. She seemed nice enough and was totally into it, but the music she was dancing to (maybe her head gets xm?) didn't seem to have anything to do with the music that was being played by the band in front of her at that very moment (and I doubt there were any drugs involved). Truly odd, indeed.

Let's give it 7 HUZZAHS. There was something too quiet about it for me (not because my ear filters were in).

*typically Lisa deafens us with her shrieks of, "I LOVE YOU AL!" (yes, he hears you)

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