Tuesday, November 25, 2008

w: back on the sauce.

The insanity of the Presidential Election kept me so busy I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed making fun of George W. Bush. Almost.

At a Peruvian ceremony W. imbibes the traditional drink bestowed upon guests despite being "sober" since the age of 40. Hmm...

A "pisco sour" is a drink made of brandy, lemon, egg whites, and regional spices. Sounds to me like one of those shots designed to make people puke, like a "cement mixer".

W's having no trouble throwing back that pisco sour. He's a pro.

How long before W. is pictured blowing lines off a Filipino hooker
wearing a Dick Cheney mask at a cock fight? ... Not long I hope.

Oh shit... that wasn't long at all. He's smoooooov.

Good luck with that shit, Laura.

thanks to gullo for the head's up on the article...

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