Saturday, November 22, 2008

YMSB w/ Fishman, 10/10/08, Nokia Theater, NYC

yonder mountain string band ft. jon fishman, 10/10/08, nokia theater, nyc, ny

I've dug these guys every time I've seen them, no matter if it was a festival or a plain ol' headlining show. My former office-mate wouldn't let me listen to bluegrass out loud and (I think it offended her Jersey sensibilities) as such, if she had gone to this show she would have collapsed in a fit of string-pickin' overload. I on the other hand, loved it. The fact that Jon "Henrietta" Fishman is playing drums for them this tour only sweetened the deal.

Love 'em, rockin' bluegrassy good time. Will definitely keep seeing them and I'm a sucker for a rockin' hoodie, so I got a phatty dank YSMB lined american apparel one from the merch table. It's perfect for those freezing days in the dark edit cave.

Yonder Mountain String Band- with or without Jon Fishman. 9 HUZZAHS! BLUEGRASS IN THE BIG CITY, Y'ALL! (and of course, mad love for the Nokia Theater**, one of the better venues in NYC these days!)

set I
3.dawns early light
4.good-hearted woman boy rock and roll
6.happy to be here
7.lifes to short
9.deep pockets
11.this train to run
13.damned if the right one didn't go wrong
14.jon fishman intro*
15.ramblin' in the rambler*
16.two hits and the joint turned brown*

set II
1.out of the blue
2.must've had your reasons
3.midwest gospel radio*
4.east nashville easter*
5.crow black chicken*
6.boatman's dance* gal*
8.fine excuses* 'bout you*
10.king ebenezer*
11.angel>follow me down*
13.steep grade sharp curve*

*w/ jon fishman

listen to the show!

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gallery and SLIDESHOW!

** on the line getting into the theater there was some chick laying on the sidewalk in a puddle of her own puke-- PATHETIC (even funnier than that is that it was at the front entrance of my old office building, right next to the revolving doors). her "friends" were asking people for water and some retarded girl hands over her nalgene bottle for ol' pukey to contaminate. ugh that's just fucking wrong. there's a time for charity, but more importantly, there's a time when you put your do-gooding aside in exchange for common fucking sense. if her friends gave a damn they would have taken pukey home or maybe not let her get into that sort of condition to begin with. know your limits, kiddies!

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