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black crowes, 10/27 & 10/28/08, hammerstein ballroom, nyc

black crowes, 10/27 & 10/28/08, hammerstein ballroom, nyc, ny

It's been a few years since I last caught the Black Crowes at the Hammerstein (specifically, the run that included the Easter Sunday '05 White Show) and if these shows were going to be anything like that of '05's, I had to be there. Well, they were good but not quite AS good as those shows- fuck, I still had a great time. I held off on buying tickets for these cuz they were like $50 and decided that if I were to go, it would be because the tickets fell into my lap. Well, did I get a scorching hot McDonalds coffee lap full of extras! The Crowes who had added another 2 shows to the run (including Halloween) had to cancel those two extra shows cuz of shitty ticket sales ($50 ticket, anyone?) but let ticket holders redeem their tickets for the Monday/Tuesday shows, which would at least help towards a full house. Happy me, our tickets were in Mezz 1 both nights = short people can see.

NIGHT ONE (MONDAY): Erika and I ended up busting a move right against the railing and the boys (Baumy and Sir Stoutus) rocked out on the steps right in back of us. Clear view all the way. First night was pretty mellow, I was slightly disappointed that on a Monday night when you basically resign yourself to the rest of your week being painful, but you rock out anyways cuz that's what rockstars do--- well, I was disappointed the Crowes didn't make it completely worth my while to have the rest of my week suck. Just as the set started really rockin' they were done ('Soul Singing'/No Speak No Slave combo is about as much of a musical religious experience you can get- much like moe.'s 'Four' from the 6/15/08 Governor's Island show- good stuff), the encore, "I Dig Love" was okay but my friends who are hardcore Crowes fans were freaking out cuz they haven't played it since (according to the CrowesBase) 2001. Fucking geeks*. Really would have appreciated a 2nd song for the Encore but it was a no-go. Fortunately we were rip-shit wasted and had to head over to a bar to sober up. Erika poured a pint of beer on Stout's crotch and we upset the bartender. How's that for a Monday night? That's how we roll.

("no speak no slave" 10/31/05- i did not take this footage)

NIGHT TWO (TUESDAY): There was some pain involved but I worked through it. Down: 1 Stout, 1 Erika. Up: 1 Kochman, 1 Greek, 1 Monica (J.), and 1 Thriller. In which we find ourselves on the same exact spot at the Mezz 1 railing as the first night, with the addition of 3 drunken crazy people to the right of us who eventually were removed by security for being drunk & crazy, & not so discreet about their affinity for smoking. So Greek and I pounced on their spots (only fair) to continue our own rockin' out. I thought the setlist was more rockin' Tuesday night (Baumy disagrees, but he's a fuckin' hippie, so he can suck it), Twice As Hard, Welcome to the Goodtimes (I'm sure Crowes' peeps use a code for that like WttG), My Morning Song. We got 2 encore songs including the Band's, "Shape I'm In", a nice standard- Ominous Seapods are amongst the many bands who cover this, with Ted "Tigerbeat" Marotta** on vocals. Totes awwwww.

the drum head has a pic of george w. bush on it.

I could have done with 2 sets each night (I was prepared for it) but maybe I'm spoiled with that shit. Black Crowes, 10/27 & 28/08, Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC: 8 HUZZAHS! Gotta be honest, I've seen 'em better, but they were still an ass-kickin' Southern rockin' good time and will most definitely see them multiple times in the future. Chris Robinson is the consummate showman & oozes rock sexiness onstage, I love dancing along with him. Rich is pretty sweet too. Yummy.

Wounded Bird
Walk Believer Walk
Hard To Handle
Sister Luck
Whoa Mule
My Heart's Killing Me
Let It Be Gone
Miracle To Me
Downtown Money Waster -> Jam ->
Mona (1st time played) ->
Take Off From The Future ->
Thorn In My Pride
Oh Josephine
Soul Singing
No Speak No Slave
- encore -
I Dig Love

Movin' On Down The Line
Black Moon Jam -> Black Moon Creeping
Twice As Hard
Another Roadside Tragedy
Girl From A Pawnshop
Locust Street
Girl From The North Country
Here Comes Daylight
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Welcome To The Goodtimes
God's Got It
Forty-Four Blues
My Morning Song
Jealous Again
Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
- encore -
Sometimes Salvation
Shape I'm In


** brain fart correction courtesy of the Bourbon Cowboy

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